Friday, 1 February 2013

Jalie Skirt finished.

In my last post I mentioned that my coverstitch / overlocker machine was skipping stitches badly when trying to do the coverstitch hem on my skirt. I thought it might be the needles but I had used all the special needles used in the machine and couldn't find any in the stores.

Alison from Sewing with Cats to the rescue! She very kindly posted me a packet of the precious needles (including the details of an ebay store where they are sold very reasonably priced!) and I cleaned, oiled and changed the needles and voila - it works!!!! Thanks Alison - and thanks also to queen of the Jungle Velosewer for offering the use of her machine and needles too! This is some great community. I hope that I have the opportunity to give back soon.

So here is my skirt - before the pic let me say - I am happy with the skirt but think it a little too much modeled with the matching top... there are those who can get away with a lot of loud print on a body - but alas - I don't think I am one of them..

Here it is with a RTW black top.

The full skirt

Now - a question for all of the stylistas out there - please some shooting from the hip feedback. 

  1. Is the all animal too much?
  2. Is the black top too black - drag it down?
  3. What about length of tops? If I were to make another StyleArc Creative Cate top (the pattern is almost worn out) in a chocolate or caramel - is the length too long for a skirt on the first top.
I tend to wear mainly plain slacks with patterned tops. Not through choice but because I don't have any skirts that look okay. 


Before I sign off I would like to send a huge hug across the ocean to Anne at Pretty Grievances for guiding us through the jungle in January (although I think I may have just missed the tour bus with this skirt), What a great month it has been and I can't wait to see the "very first Annie awards".... my breath is bated and I am waiting like an eager beaver-ly.


  1. I love the top and skirt together so it looks like a dress, it lengthens the body. I think the black top is a bit too dark, chocolate or caramel would be lovely choice. as for the length of the top, all the style books say to finish the top below the widest part of your body, the stomach on me, but I like it a bit higher so it cuts across the wide bit not below it.

  2. I love the skirt, a gorgeous shape and so smart and feminine! I agree that black is not the colour to wear with it, and I absolutely love the matching top and skirt on you. I think you should go for a couple more of these. Yes Il Tigre is a big pattern but it is also tonal and it really suits you! I think in this context the top is a little long, but as it is a good length to wear with trousers it is fone. However it could be interesting to make a shorter top and matching skirt out of another print you love.

  3. This is fun. I'm sure there will be many different opinions that will promptly confuse you further. I'm going against the tide here as I think the print top/skirt is too much and I love it with the black (or chocolate or caramel). I would throw a print scarf (any left-overs?) around my neck, long and skinny and casually tied so the knot falls below my boobs. I think a top worn with a skirt should be shorter than that worn with pants, the skinnier the pants, the longer the top. For a skirt, I would finish the top just level with my tummy or maybe just a smidgen longer, but not tight enough that it pulls in under the tummy. I love the Jalie skirt pattern, it is very flattering. You are making a really nice collection of goodies.

  4. Yay. You made it in time:)) That's all I was hoping for.
    Now as for wearing too much jungle print, that depends on what you feel comfortable. I'm still experimenting with wearing 1 jungle print at a time. If it wasn't for Jungle January, I wouldn't have sewn up the prints in my stash.
    Experiment with a few coloured tops. You'll soon see what you look best in.

  5. I like the dress look best. The skirt shape looks great, but I would maybe break it up with a long scarf, belt or beads. The only way you find out it is to try on lots of different styles, think out of the box and try something different.

    I personally dont like black with colour, I think the black top is too heavy with the skirt and kills the print. How about a brown or white. Head to the shops wearing your skirt and try on lots of different coloured tops.
    I expect we are confusing you more. you will wish you hadnt asked!
    louise (Tonto)

  6. Glad you made it to the jungle! No the 'all animal' is not too much but I love it with the black top too.

  7. I think it looks good all animal. :) But I also think a top in the mid brown of the print would be good. Not the black. It does nothing for you (not many of us can wear black near the face like that).

    I'm so glad the needles helped. Ironically, I'm now experiencing problems with my Coverpro but it's the looper that's the trouble. :(

  8. Alison is just a gem of a friend, isn't she??? The sewing community certainly are the caring ones...
    Ok, I like the top/dress combo on you, I often read that one pattern/colour all over is the way to go. Have you tried it with a loosely tied belt around the middle???
    I do think the black is a touch harsh on your lovely skin colouring, and wonder if more of a grey/brown/beige toning would hilight you a touch more. Or, if you like the black maybe pop on a necklace to break it up. All three garments are brilliant, and they will mix and match in your wardrobe. You certainly are nailing your sewing skills...J

  9. It just shouldn't be half and half. Either short top or long but not medium that cuts you into two equal segments. I don't think the all print looks bad. But I like the solid and print also. I just got some Style Arc patterns in the mail yesterday. I've been looking at them for months but seeing your versions made me bite the bullet and spend the money. Hope I have as much luck as you have.

  10. I like the solid / print combo. I think that the black looks nice, as would a dark brown, and I think shorter vs longer for the top, adds more length to the whole body. I agree with the comment about a slim long scarf to bring the whole look together. Great job!!

  11. Wild thing...;-)

  12. A dark brown top would suit you better in a looser knit or woven rayon not so clingy but I do like the jungle print top to bottom, elongating and lets your eye scan up to down. A long chunky necklace would be great to add. I advise my clients to go 2/5 and 3/5 on proportion instead of 1/2 and 1/2. You are really stylin' girl!

  13. Very nice, I like it. I agree, I like the print top and bottom together best.

  14. I like the all animal print look.It's bold and beautiful. I think a chocolate cardigan would be a nice addition.

  15. I like the overall animal print on you and I think it would also suit you with a caramel coloured top as well. If you end up making a top in either the caramel or brown... I would also make up a skirt in the same colour so you can mix and match and get even more mix and match options. I also think I'd like the top a little shorter for the skirt but not cling under the tummy... I too have the tummy issue and when a top hangs below it can sometimes emphasise it more... especially with knit fabrics unless they are fuller around the tummy area. I'm also thinking a long chain (beads... maybe wooden ones) might break up the solid black top if you're not a fan of scarves and this would still give you a longer vertical illusion down the front. I also like Lisa H's idea of a cardigan... maybe even a light vest... you could even go with a light mesh knit if you didn't want the extra warmth or weight of another layer. So many choices and so many option for you with this one... have fun!


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