Monday, 29 July 2013

I'm a bad bad girl

I am a bad blogger. I promise and don't deliver. Naughty naughty naughty. I have great intentions but ... the road to ...............................................

You may recall that I had a wee contest and 2 winners who have probably been checking their mail box waiting for their "Mystery Package" and I must apologize. I have been very slack.

Well - I have finally posted off the mystery packages so they are winging their way to your door now.

First I was waiting on something I had ordered. Then I wanted to photograph the "mysteries" before I posted them off and flat battery etc etc. Then I got sick, then couldn't get to Post Office as working flat chat, then had visitors......... blah blah blah ........ I sound like my students with one excuse after another. The dog ate my homework.

Gee - it sounds like I am posting off the Hope Diamond - but it is only a little something to say thank you for following me and participating in my silliness.

Well Leigh Anne and Lynnelle - they have finally been posted and I am sorry for being a bad little blogger.

I hope you enjoy them and I thank you for your patience.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Next Marni finished as well as another Abby and the TNT I sewed on the sewing weekend

A long title to say that I have finally something to show.

First up is another TNT paired with a StyleArc Marni Jacket. I love this TNT dress. I don't think I will stop making them any time soon. Love the Marni too but I think 2 is enough.

Looking at the pics I think I need to re-position the shoulder pads a bit. I might even use smaller ones. I actually thought I would dress it up and put on stockings - needn't have bothered - you can't tell I am wearing any - that's how bright white my legs are!

The fabric is gorgeous but unfortunately doesn't show up very well in the pics. It is a reversable knit with a "tweed like" look (I think that is the right term). I ummed and ahhhed over which side to use as a dress and which to use a jacket etc. One side is black with light taupe flecks and the other is light taupe with black flecks.

Once I had made up the dress I instantly wanted another in the lighter colour. (and some slacks in it and a top - it sews up a dream too) I rushed back to Remnants Warehouse to buy some more but alas sold out!

Here is a close up of the fabric. I have turned the hem of the dress up so you can see the contrast.

The other item I want to show is another StyleArc Abby cardi in a lightweight taupe sweater knit that was a bugger to work with. I haven't sewn with this fabric before and it wasn't easy. Very open knit. I do like the end result though.

A little windy but you can see the ruffle of the rolled hem.

I used a rolled hem for the edges. I really like this cardi and think it is flattering because it elongates the body. I think this is my style. TNT straight dress (pegged in slightly) and the long cardi.

I have also made a lovely teal one of these cardi's but didn't get a chance to get a photo taken.

That's it for now.

Have a nice night / day - whatever it is in your neck of the woods.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Scary September - Stepping out of the comfort zone

Still not getting much sewing done - still finishing off work - but also spending time reflecting on what I have done and not done - My Sewlutions.

It seems I have managed to avoid buttons and zips and I really need to start challenging myself a little more.

Add to that - recently - actually almost a month ago - I attended a wonderful industry day with the Australian Sewing Guild at Simplicity warehouse in Sydney. Not only is this a great opportunity to see what other sewists have been doing but also listen to some great talks by very talented people.

So........ I have decided that September is the month to STEP OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE!!

I have chosen September for a couple of reasons. First - I still have a couple of items I want to sew that are still in my comfort zone (see previous post for plans) and also I am attending a workshop with Suzanne Grey on "Fractured Knits".

Now this is really taking me out of my comfort - not just because I am going to do a ZIP, but also because of the pattern choice.

Now - I would like to be edgy - eclectic even. The inner me is young, arty and trend setting. I look on at awe at sewists like Shams, Margy and Jilly B. But the outer me is old and very conservative when dressing. :-(

When I first saw this pattern I thought - nuh - not for me. Too - shall I say young - or maybe just not staid?

And then I attended said industry day and saw what Suzanne did with this pattern (and others) and I wanted in.

Okay - the uneven bottom would drive me nuts but love the rest

I couldn't get a picture of my favourite which had images of Paris, but you get the picture.

Now - I can't promise that mine will be as "Fractured" but I do want to do this pattern with a zip and contrasts. I think this will be as far as I can jump at the moment.

If you want to join me in the jump in September - just leave a comment letting us know what you are doing, (so we can check in and see how you are going) grab yourself a badge and get ready to take a leap to something that is outside of your comfort zone..