Saturday, 7 March 2015

Butterick 5863 -The reverse Toile - aka - what not to do.

The first cut is the deepest

Before I get into my finished items I want to say I was wowed by the response to my last post.
An amazing 138 people voted on my haircut.... I don't even know 138 people. I apologise to anyone who had a massive time suck playing with hairstyles on after reading my post (along with pinterest, facebook, blogger, twitter etc it is a wonder the world still rotates and things still get done.)

So - did I get my haircut and who am I sporting? Yes the cut has happened......

I really really really wanted Lisa. I have never had my hair in a style like that and haven't had a fringe since I was a teenager...... only a few short years ago....... My hairdresser recommended against it. She said my hair is too curly for that short a cut at the front and it would take maintenance to kept it looking good. That unless I used product and straightened it each wash it would go woolley. I didn't want to risk it as I had never been to this hairdresser before, she is relatively cheap and I have never seen customers in her salon... Hmm as Alison said to me - not very good signs.....

I ended up with a kind of frankencut - a mix of Sarah on the top and Lisa on the bottom,,,, Kind of.

Before and after

I actually really like my cut and once I wash it I will know if I will keep it. Good on the hairdresser. She turned out to be a find I think.

Back to sewing

When my Pretty Grievances Sabertooth Swap partner Barbara Jane sent me this beautiful beefy knit I was drawn to Butterick 5863. I thought it plain enough to let the fabric speak for itself but also have an interesting neckline.

Now - me being me, I decided to "adjust" the one thing that drew it to me - the neckline. I always find necklines too high and narrow for my big neck so I always make them lower and wider...........

Hmm - did you happen to notice how low and wide the neckline is on the model?

This is what it turned out like..... (and haircut after 2 days)

Not bad for a street walker but not exactly the look I was going for. Luckily Addicted to Fabric (where Barbara Jane purchased the fabric) had 1 lonely metre left and waiting just for me - talk about luck! After exchange of emails and phone calls that lonely remnant has a home and is waiting to be a fixed Butterick 5863. I am so glad as I love this top and the fabric is wonderful and the colours really look good on me if I might say so myself. StyleArc had a great khaki bengaline that would match beautifully but it sold out before I could get my grubby mits on it... *sigh* ..... I am hoping for more stock soon.

I did modify the top in other ways too. I made the sleeves longer and added length to the body as well.

I am modelling it with a pair of modified Linda pants in an absolutely gorgeous navy hybrid crepe from Emma One Sock. I LOVE this fabric. I have it in a multitude of colours and it will play a big part in my Artisan Square SWAP. It is not cheap, especially when you factor shipping to Australia into the price, but well worth the cost IMO. It feels divine, hangs beautifully and has my favourite thing in the material world - stretch.

Navy is not what I would normally pair with this top but I was being frugal with my modelling as my visiting sister was taking pics for me. I say these are modified Lindas as I gave them a little flare at the bottom. I like the way they turned out.

Anyhow, after the Gulf of Mexico neckline (or should I call it the Great Australian Bight), I thought I had better do a toile - after the horse has bolted so to speak. I used fabric that I purchased on sale and very cheap from the Remnant Warehouse. It was about half the price it is now when I purchased 5 metres of it.

Being photobombed by Elle

 Back of top and pants - haircut has held up well for 2 days.

Next step will be to add maybe another cm to the neckline and then to remake the Sabretooth top.

I am looking forward to finishing it and adding it to my wardrobe and also seeing how Barbara Jane transformed the fabric I sent her.

Happy sewing.