Sunday, 7 June 2015


Just a quick post as an update. I haven't been sewing and my sewjo is lying around somewhere like a deflated beach ball waiting for inspiration and energy to blow it back up.

I had forgotten how exhausting it is to work full time. The things we do to be able to afford more fabric!  (I know I know - 1st world problem!) I am enjoying my new job even though it is a long day.

I used to start my leisurely life reading blogs over breakfast. Now I put on my makeup - toast in one hand, BB Cream, primer and spatula in the other. It is an hour drive each way so I leave home at 7:30 in the morning and get back home after 6 at night. Weekends I spend cleaning and cooking meals to warm up for weeknights. So no time or energy for sewing.

I hope that I will acclimatise soon and at least get one day of my weekend to sew. I find I am too tired to turn on the laptop when I get home so I have been catching up on blog reading early Sunday mornings - so if I normally comment on your posts and haven't lately it could just be I haven't caught up with your blog yet, I do find that I have over 200 posts to read though.

My work is rewarding and it is a wonderful place to work so all is good, I am especially appreciating that I am getting paid on a regular basis! I imagine that once I get used to the long days (for me anyway) I will get my sewjo back.

I just wanted to touch base and let you know you won't be hearing from me quite as much but I am still here and watching with great interest what my sewing sisters are whipping up.

Here is a picture of my workplace and a group of students waiting to get stuck into lunch (we put on lunch every Wednesday) how cool is that!