Tuesday, 27 January 2015

My Jalie Skirt. Plus advice required - alterations on RTW top.

First a big huge thanks for all of the lovely comments on my Jungle January dress. Most appreciated.

Now my second post in as many days - hope you don't get sick of me.

As mentioned in my last post, I made a Jalie 8 gore skirt in a beautiful Hybrid Crepe from EmmaOneSock. This fabric is really gorgeous with stretch  :-)  :-)  :-) and 2 sides - one matt and darker and one a little shiney. I chose the matt side of course - shine being the enemy of the bulge. (I just read this back LOL - of course the fabric has 2 sides - DOH!)

I have made this skirt before but this time I actually put all 8 gores in LOL.. last time I carefully measured and when I altered the pattern to fit me I was surprised at how tight it turned out when made up (check out the pic of the back) - only to find the 8th gore months later under a pile of fabric on my sewing table (told you before math is not my strong suit - although one would think I could count to eight). I have since undone one seam and the top and hem and inserted the 8th gore and it fits much better now...... When making this version I counted each gore as it went in if only to prove I can count to eight!!!!

Anyway - I really like this skirt and can wear this style of skirt a lot easier than a pencil shape which tends to tent over my tum.

This post is not only to show off my new skirt but to seek advice on the top. It is a RTW top (yes shame on me - I broke my RTW shun pledge - in a HUGE way - in the TVSN sales in December). Don't you just love television shopping - although what looks great on size 8 model doesn't necessarily translate to looking great on size BeaJay.

It really doesn't look good on someone so top heavy. Looks like a toffee apple.

First - I do like a peek a boo shoulder but the whole arm is way too much sausage on show so I shall put a small tack half way down the arm to hold it more together... now .... about the "fluff".

Should I take in the sides and sleeves a bit?
Take away the elastic?
Or both?
Or is it a lost cause?

I do so love the fabric and it fits right in with my planned navy work wardrobe.

Knock knock - Mrs Mole - are you there?? Any advice from you or any other of my talented sewing friends out there would be greatly appreciated.


Thanking you in advance.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Jungle January and the Sabertooth Swap.

The drought has broken.

It really took some doing to get my sewjo mojo a flowing. After so long with problems with my knee and our cold winter I lost the momentum with sewing. I did quite a bit of cutting and just a little sewing but really couldn't get my act together.

It took a great day at Tessutis with my sewing buddies (and Jungle January) to re-ignite my mojo. I took 3 items already cut out and ready to sew. At Tessutis I did the sewing of the seams on all 3, so all I had to do was the finishing - binding / hemming etc. The items made up so quickly and it really made me want to sew again.

In a beautiful navy hybrid crepe from EmmaOneSock I cut a Jalie 8 gore skirt and a pair of StyleArc Linda Pants. These are part of my Artisan's Square SWAP. These will be photographed when I finish some matching tops.

In a lovely fabric from Darn Cheap Fabrics I had a cut out dress from McCalls 5890. This is fabric I first saw on the lovely and talented Thornberry and HAD. TO. HAVE! With its fun scales it fits right into the Jungle. If you like anything animal head over to Pretty Grievances and check out the cat walk before the cruise ends. Yes - it's Jungle January.

It is quite a heavy ponte so will be put in the safari suitcase and pulled out in winter.

Of course I will wear it with a jacket or cardigan like below - but I am thinking more of the Orange StyleArc Fiona I have planned. There are touches of orange in the fabric but maybe full on Orange will be too much. I will have to look when I get the Fiona sewn.

Overall I am happy with the dress.

Oh - and btw - look at what Santa brought me.

This is so much better than the little cutting mats that I used before. Longer than my dining table. No more shuffling little boards around. It was purchased here and is 1.8m x 0.9m (or 71" X 36" for those not in cms). I was able to pick it up at Yagoona so even saved on the shipping.

On the cutting table....

I have some gorgeous fabric from The Remnant Warehouse. It is a Spirograph bengaline. It is more of a wedgwood colour than the aqua in the picture and quite beefy. The feel is lovely and it is a reversible jacquard - although I am only going to use one side (Can't decide which one though). I did purchase some of the red (which is less orange than in the pic on their website) for a dress and may use both sides of that one.

Although this is a departure from my A.S. SWAP, I can't help it - the fabric is crying out to be a pair of summer capris.

Also on the table is a lacy (from the remnants warehouse) little jardi. Short sleeved for summer. You can see the fabric in the pic of the cutting board but if you want a closer look you can find it here.

The lovely Anne at Pretty Grievances also gave me my Sabertooth SWAP partner. This is where we swap animal print fabric with a partner who then makes an item with it.

It was really exciting to receive fabric from Barbara at Barbara Jane Made. (And great to find another Aussie sewist). Barbara gifted me this lovely knit (and 2 spools of matching cotton - oh yeah!) and now I am deciding on what to make of it. It is thick without being too hot like ponte and has a nice recovery.

These are my picks. I can either make a top or use it for panels in a dress. I am leaning towards the top in the lower left corner.

Wish me luck.

Now before I go I want to share a tip I read on Sewing on the Edge. This tip is sure to CHANGE MY LIFE!!!!!! At the moment I and sitting in the loungeroom having a rest after the mammoth task of ironing steam a seam on the neckline and armholes of a dress (believe me - it is a mammoth task - especially in today's heat). Using Barbara's tip I shouldn't have to do that anymore. If you are one of the few who don't follow her or if you missed the post -  check it out.

P.S. I wrote this yesterday but hadn't taken the pics. The temperature has dropped 18 degrees celsius today (that is over 64 degrees fahrenheit) and it is actually cool - hallelujah.

Happy Australia Day to my fellow Aussies

Have a good sewing day.