Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Scary September - toward the home stretch.

Well we are coming to the last week of Scary September with some great results from fearless jumpers.

Here is an update:

Nothy Lane from Aft Agley has progressed on a lovely faux suede four button jacket. Love the colour and lushness of the jacket. Check out her progress here

Becki-C from Beccabeck Stuff has completed a beautiful feminine Marfy blouse as item 2 for her wardrobe.
Have a closer look at her site.

Lynda from Lynda's sewing and SWAPs has put a toe in the waters of Scary September. I say put a toe in as she is doing bras - which to her isn't very scary (TERRIFYING to me) but finds fit a bit of a problem. So she has inadvertently joined. She is making great progress on her bra - check it out on her site.

Sarah Liz from Sarah Liz Sew Style has been a busy girl  - dare I say it  - serging ahead  - with yet more challenges for herself.

The next one she conquered was using the sure-fit system to self draft a skirt.. and the results are great. Love that skirt.

Another thing Sarah Liz is working on is learning all of the changes needed to take any pant pattern and use a pant block to make them fit her. Here is a peek..

Check out the rest of her progress on her blog.

Valerie from Valerie's own sewing blog is straight off the blocks (Doh) with her pants block. She is onto part 3 and using a flexible curve measure to measure the crotch of RTW jeans to help her get the best fit. I would love to show a pic but the option to copy pics on her blog is disabled. Please go over here to check out her progress. If you are interested in doing a pants block you will find it fascinating.

I have only done updates for those who have sewing to show on their blogs. If I have missed you - please let me know.

As for me...... the originator of Scary September ..... very scared indeed. I did a trial and it didn't work - forgot to lower the bust - did do an FBA but not a LBA (Lower bust adjustment). So I thought I would give it a rest and do a StyleArc dress - Slip on Suzie - and that didn't work either - may be salvageable or may be a wadder - don't know yet. Sewing mojo scared right out the door. Oh well - next Saturday is my sewing guild day where I do the class so I am hoping the mojo comes back by then.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Scary September - half way point

Time for an update with our Fearless Jumpers.

First past the post (to completely finish her challenge) is Sarah Liz who has completed her trendy patterned pants. Aren't they fab?

Sarah has set herself a new challenge for Scary September. Check it out here. And also - join in her one garment a month challenge if you are game. I jumped in but only if there is a promise of no whipping for failures......

Nothy Lane from Aft Agley has also finished one of her button downs and it is a stunning pink ruffled shirt. Check out more on her progress here

Louise from No 23 has finished her second wardrobe garment. She has identified sewing a bra for scary September after she finishes her mini wardrobe - but sewing a mini wardrobe in itself is such as challenge....

Check out her great skirt (below) in more detail and other plans here.

Becki from Beccabeckstuff is facing some frustration with her pants in the mini wardrobe challenge. Read all about it here

Shawnta from Shawntasews has kickstarted her impressive scary list by sewing with French Seams. Have a closer look here

Whilst waiting for corset supplies to arrive, JuliN from the Happy Homemaker has been practicing her skills. Have a look

As for moi?????

Well a bit of a hiccup. I made a humongous error on my FBA for the Katherine Tilton pattern - I now have to retrace it and start again for that piece so it is sitting dejected on the dining table until I can face it again.. *sigh*. On a positive note I have received the ordered zip. Thank you to everyone who gave me info on where to get them. I decided to go with diamante. Go figure - talk about stepping out of the comfort zone. I ordered one in black and one in white as I wasn't sure what would go better. They are pretty stunning.

If I have missed you - I apologise. Please let me know.

On another note - for all the Aussie people who read my blog - or even non-Aussies who are interested in the Land Down Under....... Check out the blog that TwoToast from SpottyDogSocialClub has put together to journal her visit to Oz... I must admit a fascination of visitor's impressions of Australia. Does that make me gauche? Anyway - I am loving it. Follow along here if you want and have a look at Oz through someone else's eyes.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Claiming with Blogloving

Have to do this again as apparently it didn't work before

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Saturday, 7 September 2013

September 7 - 1st Scary September update

I have been going through the blogs of my fellow jumpers to see where their planning or sewing is up to for Scary September.

Alison from The Artisanry of Acorn Cottage is working on getting the fit right for her bra by using a purchased one.

JuliN from The happy homemaker - redux has drafter her corset. An exciting step

Nothy Lane from Aft Agley has decided to do one shirt a week - wow - exhausts me just thinking about it..

becki-c from beccabeck stuff has made a start to her wardrobe for the PR contest by cutting out her trousers.

Louise From no 23 has galloped ahead and finished her first item for her wardrobe - a lovely top.

Sue from Quilt, Sew, Sew Sue has posted her plans for her mini wardrobe - looking good.

SarahLiz from SarahLizSewStyle has chosen the fabric for her pants - nice one!

Be sure to click on the links above and check out their progress.

As for me... I have traced and cut the paper pattern for my Vogue top - I just need now to make it my size. I am going to make it without the zip first - no no no - I am not wimping out - just a suggestion from Myrna that I get the pattern right first. Good idea.

If you have commenced your Scary September projects and I have missed your post - or indeed if you have pledged to Scary September and I have somehow missed it and you don't appear on the sidebar - please let me know and I will rectify ASAP.

Also - if you want to play along - it is not too late. You have until the end of September. Jump off the cliff any time and let me know.

As we go along and get more into it - I would like to post pictures of completed garments. I can copy off your blog. If you don't want me to do this, let me know and I won't.

Please forgive me if I haven't commented on your blogs of late. I have just got my broadband back YEAH.. I have been able to flick through most posts but I missed way too much to be able to stop and comment on all blogs. 

All is back as it should be now and I am cruising the web and reading to my heart's content.

Enjoy your sewing - that's what it is all about.