Friday, 8 February 2013

Newsflash - Plus Sized Pattern Pyramid moves on

To all ladies with curves.

The Plus Sized Pattern Pyramid is now on it's next leg and the lovely funnygrrl at Falling Through Your Clothes  and the very stylish Lisa H at Sew On and Sew On are hosting their pattern pile drawings. Go ahead and stalk the patterns.


  1. Last but not (I hope) least, the PSPP is now live at my blog The Sewcratic Method . Thanks so much for starting this pyramid and letting me win!

  2. Beverley you are probably not going to believe this but I won the Plus Size Pattern Pyramid from both Funnygrrl & Lisa H... your patterns were obviously destined to come and play at my house LOL. Last week I received Lisa's patterns and also found out I won Funnygrrls' and am now waiting for Funnygrrl's to arrive and then I host a competition for both of them at the same time to give everyone else a chance to win one of these. I can't tell you how excited I was to win one of them yet alone two LOL


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