Saturday, 13 October 2012

A "thank you"

I received my first blog award today from the enviable (for her fantastic sewing skills and mean looking  limoncello and now aranciello ) Carolyn from Handmade by Carolyn.

This award is to thank the people who take the time to leave a comment on your posts. It is always great to receive comments from fellow sewists.

I first started my blog last December as a way to journal my learning process and outcomes but it quickly became a way to connect with other sewists, get inspiration, learn new ways of doing things and importantly get feedback and advice during my learning journey. And I must say that I LOVE to receive these comments.

I know that there are a lot of lurkers out there in the blogesphere. If you pass by my blog - read it but don't leave a comment - that's cool too. I hope you enjoy it. I lurk on some blogs but I do try to leave comments - sometimes to support my new community - but mostly because I am floored by what I see and learn.

So -- firstly I would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who reads my blog - a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who takes the time to leave a thoughtful comment.

And now for the "official" thank yous.

The rules are (copied and pasted from Carolyn's blog)..

"  There is no requirement to do anything like list stuff about yourself, just to pass it on to the last nine bloggers to comment on your blog...So I'm interpreting that, rightly or wrongly, as the first nine on my previous post, not counting the ladies who passed it on to me.  "

I would love to award this thank you to the following sewists by way of a small introduction to what they are up to:

Velosewer - from How Good is That - whom I have had the pleasure of meeting. Velosewer is now going to tackle a beautiful looking purple trench coat with red lining - woo hoo (if I could wolf whistle in writing I would).

Judith (Made by J) - who has been rocking out great tops and is the master (mistress??) of the Sorbetto IMHO

Suzy (Suzy Bee Sews) - check out her fantastic slacks on her blog. She has the fit down pat and has been rocking them out. She is now moving on to bras - wow - I am in awe.

MrsC - The Hectic Eclectic herself who has been taking us on a tour of her town and showing us what goes on in her craft shop (read envy).

Susan (Moonthirty) - who also has been producing lovely tops - loving the look of them - and about to tackle the Renfrew.

Mary (Mary Sews) - Mary has been showing us how she marks notches, is in the process of doing a Kwiksew dress and makes her own sheets!! Mary also does her own version of "thanks yous" by a periodic introduction to her blog role and introduces other bloggers to her following on her blog.

Tigergirl (Adventures with Tigergirl) - as her blog title indicates - Tigergirl mixes her sewing with her travel adventures (great pics).. If you are a lover of animals pop on over and have a look at her recent visit to the Adelaide zoo. She is also an accomplished sewist and amuses you with her tales of her life and her hubby tigerboy.

Janine (Interrupted Sutures) - Janine has also been sewing tops recently with some beautiful results. Through her blog you can also see lovely pictures of her garden and views.

Stephanie Newman - A quiltmakers quarters - Stephanie has been travelling of late too (Jeeze - I am starting to get jealous) and has spent some time in a SEWING RETREAT!!! in Tasmania and passed through Floriade in Canberra on the way home (check out her stunning pics) - when not travelling Stephanie is a great sewist - and as her blog title suggests - you have to check out her quilts.

So - those are my nine most recent commenters - however - I am going to S-T-R-E-T-C-H  the rules and add a couple of  "honourable mentions". Bloggists who often take the time to comment, give some advice, or just lift my spirits when I need it.

Carolyn (of course) from Handmade by Carolyn (link in first line). Her blog amazes me. Not only is her sewing skills incredible - but the stylish way she photographs her items - well - it could be published in a magazine - I would buy it).. 

The other amazing Carolyn from Diary of a Sewing Fanatic. Her blog is full of great tutorials and I love what she does with her TNT dress. I am certainly going to copy some of her ideas when my sewing skills improve.. (It is NOT stealing - honestly!!!!)

Sue from Quilt Sew Sew Sue - who has just produced a lovely snakeskin patterned dress. Sue is always there to give a pat on the back or word of encouragement. She actually offered to send me a pattern that I was looking at recently. How cool is that - and how generous is this sewing community.

Prttynpnk - Pretty Grievances - this is a blog that I can't go past - this is such an amusing read that I often go and get a cuppa to settle in to enjoy. As well as sewing Anne shares her thoughts on lots of different things.

There are many other great bloggers that comment on my blog. I would love to list them all. The rules say the last 9 - I hope you don't mind my adding the additional 4. 

I really do thank you all though!

Another lesson learnt

When is a TNT not a TNT? When you change the fabric!

As I said - another lesson learnt - the hard way.

I considered this pattern a TNT as I used my old favourite crossover top as a guide to adjusting the pattern. I made a successful top which I love wearing.


I confidently cut out my next top and sewed it.

Very happy with the sewing. The top turned out very nice indeed - BUT TOO SMALL!!!

Cross over neckline actually sits correctly on person

Why the issue this time - I asked myself. I had already sewn one and it fit. Not only is this one TIGHT but the bust too high and the top itself too short for me and my stomach.

Then I realised that both my old trusty top and my newly sewn first version have a open type knit with lots of stretch both ways. In my first sewn version I used the biggest stretch going down the body in the bust as I liked the way the "stripes" went.

The above knit is a tighter t-shirt type knit with no stretch in length and a lot less stretch than the other knits I used in width..

*Sigh* .. so lesson learnt. A knit by any other name may not stretch as sweet.

I shall keep my chin up - take it as a lesson well learnt - and move on to my next item. After all .........

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Anonymous posts

I have had to change my settings on my blog as I have started to get a lot of annoying anonymous comments that are spam. They leave a comment as if they have read my blog (although it is a generic comment) and then there is a link to their website. I don't know if they are advertising or if they have a more nefarious purpose.... But it is very annoying.

So I have chosen only registered users to be able to leave comments. I am hoping that this will stop this horrible practice but still let "real" people comment.

Has anyone else had this problem. I am interested to know if there is another way to fix this or if indeed it will fix it. And will it stop legitimate commenters.... I do so love to get comments.. :-)