Sunday, 27 October 2013

Chasing the plus sized pyramid??

The pyramid has landed over at SeamsStraightforward. The lovely Fiona says she has so many patterns to add to the already bursting at the seams (no pun intended) pyramid that if she gets enough entries she may even send out 2 packages..... wow. I have already put my name in the pot (wouldn't it be funny if it came back here where it started!!)

I think there might be another one making the rounds somewhere too but I have lost track.....

So - if you are stalking the pyramid head on over to SeamsStraightforward and leave a comment. You have until the 9th November. Lots of nice goodies in the box.

In other news ...... an update on my one garment per month challenge - I have 3 half done garments. If I put them all together I have one and a half garments..... does this count? Hoping to finish one of them soon.....

Monday, 7 October 2013

Scary September Wrap Up

Well here it is - October already - and I am a little late with my wrap up. This is because I have had visitors. My sister and her friend came down to stay for a while and therefore there has been yak yak yak instead of sew / write etc. This is also why I may not have been able to visit your blog and leave comments. Too many late nights with too many glasses of vino. It was great showing off my wardrobe of me sewn garments (I think it time to invest in some of those choice little "made by me" labels ........  :-) :-)

Below is a update of all of the scary jumpers who have made progress (or discussed progress) since the last update. Please check out the links below to see more of their items. Once again I have only included jumpers who have made the leap.

Nothy Lane from Aft Agley is still working on her lovely roll collar coat - she wants a little bit more time and I am more than happy to report on her finished item later.

Becki-c from Beccabeckstuff has done this simply stunning Marfy blouse as part of her wardrobe - isn't it DIVINE

Louise from No23 has finished her wardrobe and entered the PR wardrobe contest. If you are a member of PR you can vote for it here  until the 10th October- I certainly did - it is sure worth a vote - let's get behind our group. What a great wardrobe.

Sue from Quiltsewsewsue has completed another item for her wardrobe - a lovely pearl cardigan. Just what is needed for our Spring.

Juliet from The Crazy Gypsy Chronicles made her first indie pattern the Colette Chantilly as pledged - isn't it gorgeous. Check out the link above to see her very funny post about it including a mad dash to sew the SAME teal fabric as a lot of other sewists. See their results here

The gorgeous Kat from the Engineer's Other life conquered her fear of prints - and doesn't she look great in them.

JuliN from the Happy Homemaker Redux has made progress on her corset - see her grommets below. (I've always wanted to use the word grommet)

Valerie from Valerie's own sewing blog has done many posts on her pants block. Her recent post tells how she used the pants block to make a very lovely very summery pair of cotton cargos. Check out her blog

Lynn from You Sew Girl did pledge to do a fitted woven blouse. Now - she didn't do that but I am including her as her absolutely fab coat is certainly fitted and woven and deserves a show off. Beautiful.

What a great effort from everyone! If I have missed anyone - let me know.

Now I am not going to embarrass those of us who didn't do our items for Scary Sept - except for one - me - yes that is right - I failed - I didn't do my zip or my top - *sigh* I am crawling into the corner in shame........

It seems that whenever I make plans I fail in the execution. I love making plans though. I keep telling myself - don't plan - but it is sooo much fun. My sewing is much better and more productive when I go with my mojoflo - what attracts me that weekend..... I have the attention span of a goldfish *sigh*

I have really enjoyed Scary September - even though my jump was a dismal failure - I so enjoyed watching my fellow sewists conquer their fears in such a formidable way. Well done you!

I may just take Nothy Lane up on her suggestion to make this an annual event! I am going to leave the blogroll up for another week or so if you want to check out the scary jumpers.

So what's my next plan (yes - there is that four letter word)! I have joined in with SarahLiz on her one garment a month challenge... There is one rule that I may well flout.... picking a pattern and blogging the plans. I think I will just go with my mojoflo.

One thing I do want to complete is the fractured knit cardi that I picked for my scary September... I am going to change the pattern though - that is where I fell over. I was inspired by the workshop we did (but unfortunately it was the last weekend of the month so learnt the skills a bit late for Scary September).... I am totally in love with the below jacket that the incredible Suzanne Gray (sewing teacher extraordinaire!) made. This was my inspiration. To think that she made this out of a racer back tourist t-shirt. I often see tourist (or other tees) that won't fit me. Now I have a solution. This is magnificent. (And Paris is a favourite city of mine)

I have the zip (thanks for all of the suggestions for places to buy) and ONE DAY I will do it. (Well - more than one day LOL)

Have a great day.