Sunday, 22 February 2015

A virtual haircut

First I would like to say thank you for all the wonderful advice on the RTW top in my last post. Can you believe I couldn't find any hand sewing needles so had to buy some! Now I have my new needles I will be able to make the adjustments.

On a different matter, I am desperate to have a hair cut. I haven't had my hair done since the PR tea party back in November 2013!.

Anyway, I was trying to decide on hair styles and came across this great site where you can try on celebrity hairstyles.

It is

So what do I do? Leave my hair long and just have it styled or cut it a bit shorter?

I have been sewing too..... But completely stuffed up my sabertooth swap top. Barbara Jane - if you are out there - where did you get the fabric from? I want to see if I can get some more. I love that fabric and it looks spectacular made up but the neckline is way too big.

Anyway, thought I would share my results of the hairdos with you all.

Here I am as my untarnished self.

Now with a bit of "virtual pretend" make up.

Now as a red haired Jane Fonda

As Sarah Paulson

As Eva Longoria

As Joy Behar

As Cynthia Nixon

As Lisa Rima

You can even add sunglasses to see which frame suits your face.

Interested to see what you think. Vote below.

(if you are reading this in a reader you may have to click on to the blog itself to vote as I made an error originally)

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  1. Ha! This is great! I voted for Lisa but Jane is good too. (Of course your hair does have to behave the right way - mine is fine and dead straight, and pretty flat unless I seriusly product it up). I go for experiment with it a bit shorter. Can't wait to see what you choose!

  2. I love this - what fun - I voted for Cynthia, but I quite like them all. Experiment a bit - a bit shorter, but don't forget you can always make it shorter still if you are then game enough.

  3. This is so interesting, I've gone for Cynthia as well, and feel Jane is too harsh, but all the others have merit.

  4. I voted for Cynthia ... and possibly Sarah. Both styles look versatile.

  5. I voted for Lisa. Nothing like a haircut to make you fell like a new woman and the worse comes to worse it will grow out. Treat yourself Beajay.

  6. Such fun.. I voted for Lisa.. But.. really liked them all. Cant wait to see what you choose.. Have fun and enjoy yourself. You will look cute in what ever you choose.

  7. Reality. I need to be able t put my hair up to get it off my neck in hot weather! I just had it cut to long shoulder length so about 15cm off more or less, which is bit on the short side but it will grow back.
    The best person to consult is your hairdresser. Let them know what you require and they will tell you what is possible and best. IF they can;t, get a better hair dresser :)

  8. How fun is that, whatever next. I voted Cynthia it looks classy.

  9. 2013 for the last haircut? I average 6 to 9 months between proper haircuts, two years is a lot of 'growing out' time. I like Cynthia & Sarah, although they seem very similar. It will come down to what is feasible for your hair & how much daily fuss you can tolerate.

  10. Ha ha, such fun. I voted Cynthia, but I guess it depends on how your hair behaves. I would get a lipstick that colour too... it looks so good on you. I get my hair cut twice a year, whether I need it or not...looking forward to seeing the new do.

  11. You are so fun. I vote for Eva. You have great hair so enjoy it:)

  12. So interesting to be able to see how the different lengths suit you. Sometimes I see styles I like, but I have to remain realistic about the fact that my hair is poker straight and I am not willing to fight with it anymore.

  13. I love the hairstyle choices - I think you change your style in degrees so as not to be so much of a shokc. How about Eva length and then Sarah . I like the hairstyles with a bit of volume on you...

  14. Very cool, I voted for Cynthia. What a shame about your sabertooth. I can't really help at the moment, I am at the beach for a couple of weeks. Limited internet but good surf! The fabric was from Addicted to Fabric in Canberra, they may well have some left.

    1. Thanks Barbara. I will contact them and see if it is still on the bolt. Enjoy the beach.

  15. I voted for Sarah, but I like Cynthia too. Actually I think they all looked lovely and that lipstick colour suits you.

  16. I voted for Cynthia. That is a fun way to try out different styles and colours.

  17. Sarah all the way! Really about the same as the Cynthia with a different part. You could always go more shorter and more bang-ful if you want to at the next haircut if you'd like.

  18. I wish I had seen this before I got my hair cut, I might have thought twice about getting a fringe! I voted for Sarah too, very natural but glam too

  19. So much fun !! I voted for Joy Behar, I think it is a very easy cutting hair effortlessly maintain perfect ... so more time to sew !! hehe.

  20. Lisa is great. The colour for them all is lovely too. xx


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