Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Yet more StyleArc Creative Cates and a Simplicity 3699

Here are another 2 tops I mostly completed on THE WEEKEND. All that needed to be done was the hemming. This has now been completed.

Nothing new here - I am only really blogging about them as this is my sewing journal to keep track of my items sewn (although I am pleased with them). They are the same as all my other Cates (which is my all time favourite top pattern). I make other tops but they never seem to feel or look as good as Cate.

The first one is from some of the fabric purchased during the trip to Cabramatta. The most difficult part of this creation was the fabric placement.

Can you see what my issue was (hint - long udders and a tip underneath to boot!!!).

I then tried turning the fabric around and found that one of the now upended udders was in the centre of my stomach - another risky look.

With careful shifting around (and input from my fellow sewists) I got what I think is the best look. I didn't have a lot of room with the repeat of the fabric and just managed to get it positioned for a wearable top.

The fabric brings to mind Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom movie for some obscure reason. The pics below are a little unfocussed in some areas as I am learning to use the delay switch on my camera along with the new gorrilapod I purchased after reading about it on Up Sew Late's blog. Thought I would give my official photographer a break. Would love a remote control camera but apparently they are only available on SLR cameras. :-(  My legs look like they are still moving in some of the pics!!

The other Cate is made from fabric I purchased some time ago from It has the most divine "suede" feel to it even though it isn't suede. It has both splashes of red and orange with a line of gold dots.

In the above pictures I am wearing my orange Barbs and in the below pictures I am wearing my red Barbs. In the pictures there doesn't look like there is much difference but in life they are definite orange and definite red.

I am happy with both Cates. I now have 6 of them.

The final top on show is the Khalia Ali Simplicity 3699

I had to lower the empire seam and I lowered it a little too much. I added 5 inches. If I make this again I will bring it up a couple of inches. Now I like myself a low neckline - the girls like the light - but this was soo low that I had to put a cami on. I think I will try raising it by the shoulders which should bring up both the neckline and the too low empire seam. It is also a little tight around the tum in the picture. I seem to make my tops either too loose or too tight.

Back to orange pants

I am on the fence with the look of this one. I will have to see how it wears. This wasn't started on the weekend away but was prompted by the fact that winter has finally come to Sydney and this fabric is quite thick and warm (warm enough for Sydney Winters and my stage in life LOL). It is from the latest Knitwit collection and I quite like the fabric. I also purchased it in the Smoke Green but I am thinking the teal would have been the nicest. I am trying to go a bit more "neutral" after all of my colourful Barbs and tops however I am missing my colour.

I still have another top - this time a Anne top - and an Abby Cardigan that I did on the weekend away that need a bit of finishing and then I will have a think about what I want to do next. I am so enjoying sewing and expanding my wardrobe.