Monday, 31 March 2014

Problems with World Press or problems with my computer????

Is anyone else out there experiencing the following problem when trying to comment on World Press?

See where you have to type in your comment - It won't expand out.

This has been happening on all the World Press sites I comment on and has been for a few weeks now. I have tried googling it but all the results are very old.

Anyone have a solution?

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Sewing Sister's Sydney Social Stay

Hey all, the gorgeous Lynnelle (L from You Sew Girl) is coming down under and we are getting together in Sydney on Sunday 18th May..

Lynnelle is currently hosting a trench sew-a-long on her blog and I am really excited to be able to meet her (not that I am participating in the sew along - trenches are out of my league at the moment).

Remember the magnificent coat that Lynnelle made.

If you would like to get together with us on the 18th please let me know. Haven't got a place yet but will let you know when I know possible numbers. Any suggestions?

Also, any great ideas on what Lynnelle can do in Sydney? I have put forth the following suggestions..

Climbing the Sydney harbour bridge
Visit the Opera House
Powerhouse Museum
Sydney Zoo
Sydney Aquarium
The Rocks (first settlement of Sydney)

There lunch cruises too on Sydney Harbour

Would love to get a group of sewing sisters together.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A Bundle of Barbs - On trend or so last week?

Well you know I love me some StyleArc and I have finished 3 pairs of StyleArc Barb Pants in StyleArc Bengaline. They go together so quickly and I LOVE the way they feel.

As I had sewn them twice before - the first one in stone and the second (tweaked) one in cocoa I knew I was okay with fit (well - my version of okay - I haven't worked out if seams are right and what the pulls mean) and at this stage I am happy so I purchased new rotary cutter blades and cut the fabric for all three pairs at once. I then took them along to the SewInn at Tessuti's on the 8th and sewed them all up in the morning. I hadn't hemmed them though which is why they haven't had their photo taken until now.

Here is the version in Paprika Bengaline along with a previously sewn Cate top. Excuse the wrinkles - they have been out in the car and shopping.

Alright - alright - they are orange - but if StyleArc can call it Paprika then so can I!!

I had originally put them on with the spice coloured Michelle tunic but thought that it was much too much orange for one person in one outfit at one time. Am I finally learning restraint??? God I hope not.

Here is a hanger shot of Mint and Red..

I have also sewn (but not completed yet) a lime green adaption of the barb to be a more Capri length.

So - am I on trend with my bright coloured pants - or am I several leaps and bounds behind the herd?  ......... I am not that worried about trend - I just love my bright pants.

The style is something I wear a lot for business and purchase at Ezibuy but these are the colours available -

Oh joy - so colourful - not. They cost $50 per pair or 2 for $89. Now the cost of StyleArc Bengaline and my size makes it a little cheaper to make ($32) but not a massive amount- but oh the colours when you make them yourself!!!!

My cocoa coloured ones were Bengaline from the The Remnants Warehouse and ended up only costing $14 to make as their Bengaline is sooo much cheaper - a little thinner - but still good - but I love the colours of the StyleArc ones.

BTW - I just purchased a whole lot of Aubergine coloured Bengaline from StyleArc and sooo want to make another pair of Barbs but the colour is just so gorgeous I might make a work suit. Egad - that means jacket and skirt.

I am not putting these forward as my March garment for MAGAM - still hoping to get something "new to me" done.

Next up is my lime coloured capris and a lime coloured caftan top (maybe too much lime??)

What is on your sewing table?