Sunday, 25 November 2012

Welcome to the family Elna 744

I have a new baby..... The Elna 744 combined Overlocker and Coverstitch machine.

I have been thinking about getting a coverstitch machine and started to look into it when lo and behold a "still in the box - never been used" Elna 744 came my way through Gumtree. It was local to me - pick up only about 20 mins from my house - so I moseyed  (read sped with my foot on the accelerator) on over yesterday before the sewing group I attend started. Phew - what a rush - both physically and emotionally.

I had read that it's better to have a separate overlocker and coverstitch machine as it can be tricky and time consuming to switch them over. I already had an overlocker - the Elna 654 Pro so I primarily wanted a coverstitch machine to do all those lovely hems (hopefully) and when this dual machine came up on Gumtree I thought a "spare" overlocker would be good so I can keep it set up as a coverstitch and only change it over if need be. It is an early Xmas pressie to myself.

Isn't she pretty. And she actually was still in the box never used as claimed. Still had the manufactures threading and sample attached and everything was still originally wrapped in plastic and sealed. I think I got a good deal.

Well - I am happy anyway. Off to have a play - I was too tired after sewing at the sewing group yesterday and have been vacuuming etc this morning. 

Friday, 23 November 2012

Craftsy online classes - SALE

These sales..... makes it hard for a girl to resist.

Craftsy online sewing courses are on sale - most for under $20.

Mind you - I had already purchased some at full price but that didn't stop me from going and purchasing some more. I am now enrolled in the following.

Now there are many of my sewing sisters out there that need no additional help in the sewing arena - but I definitely need help.

I have looked through 2 already - not sewing but looking - and am happy with these.

Plus sized pattern fitting and design. This one comes with pattern V8815 supplied in the price - a lovely peplum top. What I liked about this class is not only is it for plus sizes - but I wanted to know how to turn this


Barbara (craftsy teacher) talks you through it but unfortunately doesn't "walk" you through it. She gives you the info on how to do it so I shall certainly try after I make the original top. Most of the lessons are concentrating on fitting the top. Some of my fellow sewing bloggers are making wonderful trench coats - check out Velosewer's finished trench on How Good Is That and Sharon progress at Petite and Sewing.

Now I am years away from making a trench like those - I am going to start with a "rain coat" made out of V8815. The look of the "coat" Barbara made appeals to me. There are no pockets, buttons, flaps, belts etc.... sew I am hoping I can get through it. The original pattern is rated easy - so fingers crossed. It is not first on my sewing list but I do want to sew it after I make some of the original versions of the top.

The other class I looked at was the Tailored Shirt. Now this class looks fantastic. I have looked through it and it seems that Pam (teacher) actually "walks" you through everything so you can sew along. This is very exciting for me and what I truly need in a class. Teacher does the step - I do the step. Again - this is not the first one on my list to do as I want to sew some easier things first.

I purchased the couture dress for the future. I think this will help me to learn some great techniques - a little further down the line.... but couldn't resist the SALE..

The art of cloth dying and jewelry making are both things I am interested in - but way down the line.

During my upcoming holidays I am going to do the Sewing with Knits, Plus Sized Pattern Fitting and hopefully get onto the pants fitting and construction.. I am hoping...

Thursday, 8 November 2012

SWAP (Again)

Yes - I am going to try to SWAP again.... this time with Artisan Square sewing forum. It is 2 capsules with one item bridging the 2 capsules - a total of 11 items.

The rules are a lot more flexible than the one I tried previously and although there are a lot of items, the first stitch can be sewn on boxing day and it finishes end of April.

This is great as I have signed up for a couple of Craftsy courses and I plan to do this over the holidays so have incorporated the items into my plan.

Sew far I have sewn a toile for the Pamela's Pattern T-shirt (no pictures as it was very fine knit and needed adjustments - not a good look).

I have now made adjustment to the pattern and will sew up another toile.

With this contest you can actually cut the material before hand which is good too.

The purpose of this contest for me is to challenge myself and not to get discouraged with the wadders that will appear. The longer time frame will help with this.

Here is my plan.

Wish me luck!