Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas spent

I wish I had listened to this little guy....... (even though his spelling is atrocious and the look in his little eyes is saying get me out of this get up)

Sydney weather can be unpredictable and Christmas day is usually hot hot hot (one Christmas was so hot we abandoned the outside setting for the cooler indoors - all the roses died and we spent the day trying to keep cool).

Not so much this Christmas. 

Aussie Christmases usually entail lots of prawns and other seafood, cold cuts of meat, trifles and pavlovas. I don't eat seafood (being a Piscean it is like eating your own - although I guess fish do that anyway!!), I am also not a great lover of cold cuts. So we usually have a traditional Christmas - gotta love plum pud with Brandy Custard!

This year I thought I would do a rolled loin of Pork with sausage stuffing. Yum - all that crackling goodness. To keep the kitchen cool I thought I would use the wonderful Weber Baby Q BBQ out on our deck.

So I loaded it up with pork and veges and went inside..... 

Not long after the rain came. Had I acted then - all would have been okay - but I thought it would drizzle a little and then blow over.

Not to be - here in Sydney we had a huge electrical storm and it poured and poured rain.

What to do??? The Weber is a good little BBQ - but is influenced by ambient temperature - and mother nature unleashing all it's glory on the poor lid of the BBQ was just too much for it and the temperature wouldn't rise. Using good old Aussie ingenuity I rigged up a kind of lean to using a ladder, a nearby tree, the window surrounds of the house itself, some bubble/foam like packaging material, a towel and some pegs.

Managed to get the pork done but took an extra hour - not good.

Anyway - despite the challenges a good day was had and presents exchanged.

My favourite present was a couple of hand knitted scarves from my DSIL. Absolutely love them. Not only the thought but the time and effort.

Like a true sewist - my mind was going through my stash thinking of fabric that would go with them - and I have quite a bit

What about you? How was your Christmas. Looking forward to reading all about it.

Off to sew now. 


  1. Merry Christmas BEajay.
    We had a cool Christmas lunch and it was outsourced. We went to a restaurant. Best solution for eating and not stressing out.

  2. A very ingenious solution!
    We had 40C! so it was pretty stifling, but of course we had a wonderful day. Christmas Day always is :)
    I'm so glad you had a fantastic Christmas Day with your family, BeaJay, and all the best for a prosperous and happy New Year too.

  3. I love this solution! It reminds me of a couple of Christmases ago when my mum was halfway through cooking our first ever Christmas turkey and the oven died. Completely. She finished it off in the frypan. Only on Christmas day!
    Happy New Year!


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