Wednesday, 12 December 2012

An addition to my plans... Jungle January courtesy of Prttynpnk

The totally hilarious Anne (Prttynpnk) from Pretty Grievances has launched a festival parade of animal print for January (and maybe the following months??). This fits in my current plans for SWAP with Artisan Square as one item is already in my SWAP and the other was planned to sew anyway as a hopefully "wearable toile".

These are the plans:

Wearable toile for Vogue 8815 in a wine coloured cheetah print.

This is a stretch rayon which I think will lend itself well to the pattern.

The last couple of weekends I have been watching "Plus size pattern alterations" craftsy class which uses this exact pattern. I have been altering the pattern along with Barbara (teacher) and am about 3/4 done. I have had to add quite a bit as this pattern doesn't come in my size. I traced the pattern off and have altered the size and am up to changing the dart positions and bust.

I am happy with my progress and should be ready to start on some sewing soon.

Next up is StyleArc Creative Cate top in a earthy toned mish mash of animal.

This top and fabric is already in my SWAP - however I am thinking of adding a matching skirt - the StyleArc Susan skirt.. The fabric is a medium weight ITY knit from

What do you think - matching animal print outfit - too much????


  1. Ann's blog is an absolute scream and I'm really pleased that January Jungle fits in with your SWAP.
    Now as for the matching animal print outfit - I'll wait to see how you match or decide to not match the skirt to the top.
    I've made a dress from a zebra print and that worked for me:)

  2. Now this is total kismet! You and Velo' happen to be 2 of the big fish i was hoping to land with guest posts- I must see that cheetah peplum! I am already giddy at the very notion!!

  3. Sounds intriguing! If they don't work together, you still have two very funky separates to enliven the rest of your wardrobe :)

  4. Ohmigosh, but those prints are totally awesome. I particularly love the red cheetah! I have one or two animal print pieces and personally I find them a little difficult to mix and match. But sartorially I'm a very plain person :)

  5. Go for it! Like MrsC said, if they don't go together, you'll have two funky separates.

  6. Such gorgeous fabric, Beajay! I am looking forward to seeing your creations with these prints!

  7. Loving those fabrics and can't wait to see them made up.


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