Saturday, 26 April 2014


The lovely Lynda from Lynda's Sewing and Swaps stopped by my blog to see if I was okay as I haven't blogged for a month and have also been a little behind in my blog reading. How lovely to think that someone across the ocean is thinking of you. It really makes my heart feel warm to know that I have made such good sewing buddies. So I thought I would update you on what is happening on the road to sew wear.

First I would like to thank all who gave advice on the problem I was having with World Press. Chris - your solution of pulling down the edges worked. Thanks.

Also a huge thanks to Rhonda Buss from Rhonda's Creative Life who posted to me all the way from the USofA a wonderful Sew Stylish magazine that she is featured in. I was lucky enough to win it on her blog (on my birthday at that!!!!) and I really enjoyed reading all of the great articles. Very informative.. It was very generous of her to pay for the postage (which was eye popping) - what else would you expect from someone who put a lot of time and effort into her inspiring Mary Bridge project and is a pilot who rescues animals. My absolute hero.

And I was also amazed to see our (Australia's) gorgeous Pete Evans on the inside back cover...

If you want to see Pete in action you can watch episodes of My Kitchen Rules on Chanel 7 where he is a judge along with the smooth and delicious Manu Feidel. Yum - and I am not talking about the food.

I would also like to say a big thanks to Fiona from Seams Straightforward and Lynelle from You Sew Girl  who were worthy recipients of the Leibster Award and kindly passed it to me.  Also the gorgeous and prolific creator of lovely suits Dorothy Dotdot at Sewing fun things, who received and passed on to me the Sunshine award. Thank you ladies - I am warmed and humbled by your awarding this to me. As I have been a past recipient of the Leibster  (thanking Valerie from Valerie's Own Blog) I won't go into all of the questions and passing on but I do want you to know how grateful I am that you read and enjoy my little blog.  

In other news I spent some time a few weeks ago exploring a bit of the "wholesale" end of sewing in Sydney. Thanks to a class I attended with my local ASG (on fitting - fab class) I found out that there is a gem of a place in Surry Hills called E M Greenfield (30 Ann Street Surry Hills) which is a warehouse for sewing bits and bobs. Up two flights of stairs (Phew puff puff) I found an Aladdin's cave of magnificence. 

A while back I purchased this much 2 inch knitted elastic (great for the waistband of the SA Barb pants) for $7.50 a metre

1 metre $7.50

Yesterday I purchased this much of 2 inch knitted elastic (exactly the same) from EM Greenfield for $12.50 for the WHOLE ROLL - a massive 50 cents a metre.......... Woo hoo.

25 metres for $12.50

There was so much stuff that I would need a week just for one aisle. And I didn't even venture up the next flight of stairs to the fabric. Gotta love this place.

I also sussed out Standard Knits but alas they no longer sell by the 5 metre min. Only by the roll and a roll is way too much for me.

After being disappointed at Standard Knits I moseyed on to the old favourite Remnants Warehouse - which strangely enough is not a warehouse (like EM Greenfield) and purchased some off-cuts off their off-cut table.

If you look closely at the above pictures of the elastic you can see some lovely striped suiting fabric that will be made into a jacket and pants (or skirt depending on my mood).

Also this lovely rib knit

This is my favourite - a wool blend with stitched detail. The colour is closer to the 2nd picture but doesn't show the detail as well as the first. It is also a matt felt look not at all shiny.

This is what it looks like in colour and texture - Will it be a dress or a long skirt to wear with boots????

On the table 

I have almost completed the StyleArc Haper Jacket out of beautiful Navy Hybrid Stretch Crepe from Emma One Sock - just need to cover and sew in the shoulder pads (that I purchased at EM Greenfield for $1.50 a pair) and give it a final iron.

And then I shall do a crepe version of the Linda pant out of the lovely matching navy Hybrid Crepe.

Unfortunately sewing has been put on hold for a little while as I have been given a full month's worth of work (commencing on Monday). A lot of people think that you turn up on the day and train but I have to write activities, session plans, prep assessments, compile excel records etc etc which takes a lot of time. I have a class of 14 and weekends will be spent marking work and projects and then prepping for the following week (although I will take a little time out for a get together of sewing friends)

Also, straight after the last day of training (Friday 23rd May) I will be leaving for a lovely sewing weekend away so therefore I have been spending time cutting patterns out and putting sewing projects together so that I don't waste time away.


  1. Lovely to hear from you and that you're doing so well. I certainly do consider you a friend across the ocean. Sounds like you've found a few places to make your heart go pitty-pat. The fabrics are lovely and I can't wait to see them sewn up! Glad the fitting tip will help you too. She did also mention that I needed to widen across the top of my shoulder from front to back despite the narrow width of my shoulders from neck to armscye. That helps to ease in all the extra fabric in the sleeve cap too and will make things hang nicer I think. Wonderful lady also mentioned that we should all do our "muslins" in a gingham and be sure that the vertical AND horizontal grain lines are all level. It does shop up if you need a rounded upper back, a sway back adjustment, and lots of other little things like more room above and below the "girls" so everything is nice and even all the way around. Have a lot of fun with your training sessions!

  2. Looking forward to seeing you soon - hugs

  3. Sounds like you've been plenty busy. I'll be eager to see your Style Arc garments. I haven't tried them yet, as I wasn't sure how well they'd work on my plus-size body. I'll be watching for posts about them!

  4. Lucky you to get the magazine. I bought it recently for $16. Just for the front cover design!
    The elastic is a bargain but isn't it ridiculous to pay $7.50 a metre.

  5. So glad you are back, if only briefly. Beautiful fabrics & bargains & a much deserved award. And it is always good to be earning!
    Looking forward to seeing/reading you in the future.

  6. glad to hear from you. your posts are missed here in the UK by moi too. I haven't made any clothing for myself this year.
    That doesnt mean I havent sat at my sewing machine. I bet you are So looking forward to your sewing vacation. enjoy

  7. Looks like you have been busy. I have also made a Harper jacket but not blogged it yet... race you!

  8. Fantastic fabrics and now I need to go to Greenfields! Glad you have been getting some sewing time in, it is good for the soul.

  9. It's great to see you blogging again! I definitely know how life and work can have an affect on sewing/blogging. E&M Greenfield sounds like a treasure!! Now that the semester is winding down, anxiety and excitement are setting in! =)

  10. You are so sweet and I am so very happy that you won the magazine. It was my joy and pleasure to send it to you :)
    Try not to stay away too long. You're missed!!!

  11. So proud your ok, your fabric find is gorgeous.. Hope your training session goes well, and your back to sewing real soon.. Look forward to seeing you back soon.

  12. Hello BeaJay - wondering what happened to you - I assumed you were busy with work stresses, and I see there are more coming.

    Glad to see that you are still obsessed with sewing - and I love that piece of wool. Greenfields is a great place - also Sharon (P&S) shops at M.C. Recht -you can go online - and they have great prices as well.

  13. I'm glad to hear you're busy with work, that's great news. I'm busy cutting out projects for our sewing retreat too, you and I will be sewing up a storm!

  14. Hi BeaJay, so glad that the little tip worked for you :) Good to see an update from you as I've dropped by a couple of times and no one was home LOL. Come to think of it no ones been home over at my place for a while either heehee. What a great fabric store to discover... I'm envious! Sure does sound like you've been and will be super busy for a while but at least it sounds like you've got some fun sewing plans coming up and you'll get to enjoy it with others as well at your retreat :)

  15. Welcome back to the blogging world! A lot of us missed you.

  16. Well, you have been busy! I hope life has quietened down a bit for you now. I really like your new fabrics, particularly the texture-sewn wool. It looks really interesting. I hope you have fun on the sewing retreat!


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