Thursday, 27 June 2013

Sewlutions update and other news.

I have been so busy lately that I haven't been able to get any sewing done. Sob sob. I have so many students who are either part time or doing a diploma so therefore have to finish their qualification before the end of June or THE GOVERNMENT won't fund their training (a decision the big bad Gov made after signing contracts with these students that tells them they have 2 - 3 years to finish in a lot of cases). Any way - enough of a gripe from an overworked trainer.

The lack of opportunity to sew has depressed me a bit (along with having to work on weekends) - so I thought that this hiatus would give me a chance to look at the months that have passed and as it is half way through the year - check in on my SEWLUTIONS.

The lovely Karen at Did You Make That decided to put our new years sewing resolutions to the test and have us put our "sewlutions" in the Jar to be held accountable.

I have put this as a separate page so that I can add to it to keep track. It will also help me to keep track of the stash busting contest I have entered with the Australian Sewing Guild. Check out the sewlutions page by clicking on the tab at the top of the page.

Other news:

The lovely Michelle over at Every stitch I make nominated me for a "Sweet Blog" Award. How nice is that. Thanks Michelle! Having just received an award last month (and due to the fact that I am flat chat with work) I am going to hold on to the award till I have the time to go through and look at who to pass it on to. I also like to make it something special with a contest too so I will have to give it time to marinate.......

Coming soon - in no particular order..... 

  1. Pictures of items 8 and 9
  2. Style Arc Marni to match item 9 (half completed)
  3. Muslin of Busting Butterick Jacket (half completed)
  4. Another 2 x Abby cardis - already cut
  5. I am eager to try the below pattern. I am not going to put in the pockets though. Don't think it would suit me with pockets.  I have some lovely fabric from KnitWit that is begging to be made into this:

6. Busting Buttericks Pants 

7. StyleArc Prini Jacket - a little longer than shown and left open

8. StyleArc Slip on Suzi

9. Really really really want to try a skirt like the one L has made. I love the look. Just need to find an appropriate pattern. I am sure I have one in my stash.

There are so many patterns I want to sew and so little time..

BTW - was any other Aussie impressed by the suit The Governor-General, Her Excellency, Quentin Bryce was wearing today when she swore KRudd in (again)??? I thought it unusual and pays a slight homage to a "sash" as befitting her role as the highest representative of the Queen in Australia. And Therese Rein's (Mrs KRudd) coat reminds me of a Sandra Betzina pattern.


  1. It certainly is that time of year - I'll sob in the corner with you - I've got the end of financial year jobs to do, yuk. Still, hope springs eternal, and in a few weeks you will be free to sew again.

    Interesting that you picked up the symbolism in QB's jacket - not many would.

  2. Good on you for detailing your sewlutions and how you are going!
    Would this work for that pattern you are after?

  3. I love that dress pattern, can't wait to see it made up! I feel like I've had no time to sew lately either, I'm itching to spend some time playing with fabric.

    Quentin Bryce is just stunning isn't she, such style and grace and I love her outfits too!

  4. Quentin Bryce always looks so fabulous. But then, she has the body for those gorgeous suits.

  5. Yes! I loved that suit that Quentin Bryce wore... she is always stunning and yes I agree with Alison, she has a great shape. I was trying to work out how it would be drafted.

  6. nice pattern selections, seems like I've been sewing a little here & a little there lately, hopeing to get caught up on life soon & be able the spend a whole day in the sewing room

  7. Thanks for posting that photo of Quentin Bryce - her suit is spectacular.
    Good luck with all your sewing plans, I find myself similarly attracted to several patterns & it's hard to choose what's next!

  8. I have always thought that Quentin Bryce dresses so fabulously, not afraid of colour either. I also think she would look good in the proverbial sugar bag. OTOH, my other style icon is or was Maggie Tabberer, not so slight in built but she knew how to dress to compliment her size.
    School hols are on, almost, so just get on with the sewing.

    1. Unfortunately I teach "grown ups" so no school holidays for me... :-(

  9. Quentin Bryce's suit was perfect and I am also very interested if someone can work out how it was drafted. You have got some great sewing plans, hopefully you will get some time to sew soon.

  10. That sashy business is fab- who knew somethign with a string tie could look so classy and sharp.

  11. Hope you can come up for air soon! Thanks for the pics of Quentin Bryce....elegance personified! LOVE her suit!

  12. Great to know what you've been planning, but highly understandable that you've been short on time! I hope things calm down soon.

    I love many of Quentin Bryce's suits, and that one is a real knockout. Interesting analysis of the design - my superficial mind just thought that the lapel was a beautiful 'distraction', not that her body type requires one!

  13. Oh I agree completely. Quentin Bryce is easily the chicest woman in the Australian public eye by far! I want to be her (sartorially) when I grow up.
    btw I haven't forgotten the award you kindly gave me either... I'm marinating on what to write about :)
    Best of luck getting through this difficult time at work, I'm commiserating with you!

  14. I'm Spanish and I do not know this beautiful lady, but that suit me impressed! I hope you find some free time for this wonderful passion is sewing ... looking foward


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