Saturday, 7 January 2012

Welcome to Catwhisperer

Welcome to the newest member Catwhisperer! It is exciting to see people join and to read other blogs. I take it that you love cats? Me too!

Let me tell you about my cats.

I have 2. Both rescues from the RSPCA.

Tiffany - she is now 9 years old and I am sure she is part Maine Coon. She is a massive cat - 8.7 kgs (19lbs)  and as gentle as can be. She is beautifully natured and very talkative. She likes to be "taken" to the toilet - I kid you not. When she is ready to do her business, she comes and cries at your feet until you follow her to the litter and wait while she does her business! Mind you - both cats go outside as they wish during the day (in at night) but still insist on coming inside to use the trays (don't want to get their paws dirty!!)

She is easy to handle and takes medication well.

Tiffany ( a few years ago now but a favourite picture - she looks like the queen she is!)

Elle - is now 7 years old and still very kittenish. She is a torby (part tortoishelle and part tabby). She is the smartest cat I have seen and can read your mind. She knows when you are going to give her medication and reacts accordingly (hides).


She is also a contortonist and when you do catch her to give her medication this is what happens. (At all other times she is affectionate and sweet!!)

War wounds - all I was trying to do was give her a flea drop on the back of her neck - Let's just say she won this round!

Tiffany and Elle do not get along unfortunately - and there are battles Royal. Elle - although a lot smaller - usually wins (unless there is food involved!).

Any way - back to sewing - DS and DBIL have just left. It was a great visit. We swam at beaches and pools and went on a lunchtime Sydney harbour cruise which was lovely (funny how you do the touristy things only when visitors are here - even though they both grew up in Sydney but now live on the Gold Coast). As I said it was a lovely visit - but now I can get back to sewing....... I have about a day or two's work to do (for my business) and then I shall pick up the Lutterloh again. Tempted to do so now but am a bit tired. The visit was great but sapped my meager reverses of energy.

I shall rest now for tomorrow I shall conquer the world - or at least the work!

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  1. Awwwwww shucks...shuffles foot - Thank you!! I am the poster child for the crazy cat lady. There are 10 - and only 1 adopted intentionally. The other 9 have adopted us. I have bottle raised 8 of them. And all 8 of them have cheated death. But they are all very precious to me as they have saved me. i have fibromyalgia and it took over a year to get a diagnosis. I have not been able to work since 2007. My cats have loved me unconditionally and have been wonderful company.
    I bought the Lutterloh system about a year ago and have 2 garments. I haven't been very successful but I am sure it is operator error :)
    I will do my best to make this a sew-along but may get side-tracked by the pain. I am looking forward to getting to know you and making fabulous garments together.
    I live in Arkansas on a farm that my great-grandfather started. We don't farm but a friend has cattle here. Hubby is retired and now he enjoys puttering around here. We have always wanted to visit Australia. Who knows, we may just do it yet!
    Best wishes,


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