Sunday, 15 January 2012

Storage solutions

First thing I do in the morning is read the blogs I follow and then I check in with PatternReview to see what has been sewn and check in with the message board and read the posts that interest me.

One discussion I follow is Sewing Down Under and here I found a discussion about storage so thought I would share my system.

I store patterns in white boxes purchased from Officeworks. They are philosophy brand and fit the patterns lying down - not ideal as you need to pull the patterns out to flick through but I like the look of the boxes. If anyone knows a box that looks good and can store the patterns standing up so they can be flicked through. I tend to put summer / spring patterns together and autumn / winter ones together.

For larger patterns - think Jalie, StyleArc etc - I use lever-arch files with plastic envelopes (again from officeworks - love that store). These envelopes are also great for using once a pattern is cut. They also fit some of those pattern books.

For my feet - I use a box purchased from Spotlight. This is great because it keeps the feet safe and you can also remove partitions to fit larger feet. I couldn't say if it would fit all feet - come can get quite big - but fits what I have. I also take a picture of the foot and glue it to the cardboard description that came with it so I know how to use it and what foot is what. I keep these cardboard instructions in a purse I made during my second sewing lesson. This also holds marking pens, seam rippers, small scissors etc.

What do you use?


  1. First off, what an organised efficient sewer you are. Well done.
    My patterns (normal sized) are stored in similar boxes to your white ones, but mine are from IKEA and they are a touch larger. So my patterns are stored sideways, but facing the front. I don't have any larger patterns.
    My feet I keep in the original packaging so that the instructions are there at hand.
    So fairly similar to you. I do like to be organised and on top of my sewing room (well, most of the time)...

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog again and letting me know about the browser! I have been wondering if that was the problem. Have a great day!! :)

  3. I have very similar boxes (2) for my machine feet - I think I got mine at Big W in the fishing department. For my patterns I use the display folders. I take the innards out of the envelope and put it in a ziplock bag. All the ziplock bags are stored in the cardboard boxes that printer paper comes in labelled with pattern brand - Vogue, Butterick etc. All of the envelope covers go in the display folders with the clear envelopes in them. I think I've got about 4/5 display folders - Stretch, and then by company name.

  4. OOh I am enjoying this blog :) I keep my patterns in one of those cube storage containers, on their ends, all shoved in. this includes ones I have drafted which I put in A4 envelopes. I keep all of my notions, habby etc in various sized and shaped plastic baskets, and all my threads in 4 giant versions of your foot box. (one for warms, one for cools, one for pure cottons and one for variegates etc I quilt too you see!)
    My fabric I keep in tall cupboards, straight o teh shelves, folded up but recently heard the tip to tie them in bundles as they stack better. No good for quilting cotton (two cupboards just of those) but great for dress fabrics. There's a few posts on my blog about all this, I'll go lable them.


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