Thursday, 12 January 2012

Lutterloh is not working for me! DOH!

Well - I tried to sew together the pieces of the Lutterloh top I cut out and it just isn't working. The seams aren't going together well. The cut pieces did not match very well at all - a straight seam attached to a half diamond shape and then a straight bottom seam to an angled seam - but I persevered and thought - maybe when sewn they will ease into each other. I knew when I drew it that there could be issues. I have sewn princess seams before so knew that if correct - they sort themselves out. However the stitching on this is very puckered.

Right side princess seam

Bottom of a seam
I thought maybe it was the cheap fabric I was using as the test - or the tension on the machine - so I sewed a straight seam and it looked okay...

Sewing two straight sides together - not using Lutterloh
So I am going to give Lutterloh a rest and pick it back up when I have a bit more experience with sewing and patterns.

I still love the concept of Lutterloh but I think I bit off a bit too much for a beginner sewer.

Apologies to my members who joined hoping for a Lutteloh sew along - but I spent a frustrating day re-drawing - re-cutting etc - to no avail and I don't want to turn myself off Lutterloh for good. I am just having a break and going to sew pre-drafted patterns for a while so that I can go through a bit more learning first.

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  1. Well I haven't even taken the plunge to try Lutterloh patterns, so well done to you for taking this step.
    From what I have seen it is a time expensive system to set up, but once this hurdle is jumped then it is smooth sewing thereafter...hang in there...


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