Monday, 30 January 2012

It's weighing on my mind.

I get a lot of enjoyment reading blogs and following the lives, successes and disappointments of fellow sewers. A few of the writers of the blogs I follow are on a journey to health and it has inspired me to look at my own health - or lack thereof.

I have been a big lass since I started to pile on weight at age 7 and I didn't stop. Back in 2005 I joined a gym where I exercised and had a weekly personal trainer. I lost about 20kgs and heaps of inches over the course of almost 2 years.

Then my work circumstances changed and I left the gym and I have since gained the weight back and all those pesky kgs brought friends back with them and so I have put on even more weight.

Now - I am not a big eater. I am not one of these people that eat 2 plates of food - or even large amounts on one plate. My problem is the types of food I eat AND THAT I DON'T MOVE!!

My aim is not become thin - this will not happen and I am realistic. My aim is to send those pesky 20+kgs back to where they were when I stopped going to the gym and to look and feel a bit better.

One of my motivations is I have all of this beautiful fabric and I can image beautiful garments that will look a bit better on me when I lose the weight.

And I have a confession to make..... remember the blog about breaking my fabric fast - well it well and truly broke and I have had a touch of fabric fever since then. And look what was just delivered all the way from the USA:

There are some gorgeous fabrics in these boxes (already opened and drooled over) and I have already allocated them patterns in OneNote. I will still be sewing according to my plan - no use waiting and it is all good practice. But I will be making smaller garments within the year.... How small ... well we shall wait and see.



I WANT TO PUT THIS OUT THERE! Both as a motivation to myself - now that I have announced it I will be able to keep to it better - and also I enjoy seeing the people that I have "met" through their blogs get smaller and I am hoping that I will get the same motivation from others.

Let's see how I go.


  1. So....what's in the boxes? Do share. Good luck on your weight loss journey, please keep us posted.

  2. Good on you for choosing the health road. Love to see your fabrics!

  3. Hi BeaJay, Don't diet - as you know it's not worth it as you put the weight back on. Eat in a healthy way by cutting down greatly on all those fatty foods etc and most important exercise more - try walking for an hour a day. ( during the hot months it's very difficult to exercise.) I agree that sewing your own clothes does provide motivation. Looking forward to seeing your fabrics.

  4. Striving to be healthier is always a great choice. We can provide mutual support to one another on this journey.

    Even if I didn't lose another pound, I would be happy that I can now walk (sprint) up a flight of stairs without having to sit down immediately afterwards. Although, I do admit to some vanity (okay, a lot), my main focus is on how I feel.

  5. BeaJay - I don't diet but I stay healthy by using the treadmill at the gym at my job (now isn't that convenient! *LOL*) and trying to do a few exercises every week. I'm pass the stage where I want to be skinny and my SO likes me as I am but healthy now that's important since I have ALOT of fabric left to sew! Good luck with this!


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