Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Confessions of a Fabricholic

Hi, My name is BeaJay and I am a fabricholic.

Succumbing to Fabric Fever last year, I spent an awful amount of money on fabric... Now I know from reading blogs - that there are many many many more people out there in sewing land who have much more fabric than I do. What worries me is that I have only been sewing for a few months now and am still not great at it.. So... I joined in the PatternReview Fabric Fast - and last night I fell off the wagon!!

What could I do? had some lovely fabric on sale (some of it ending last night) so I indulged and purchased the following:

On Sale:

Cross Hatch Wool Suiting Oat - 100% Wool

$3.99 yard

Wool Suiting Midnight Blue - 100% Wool

$3.99 yard

Wool Blend Suiting Autumn Red 80% Polyester / 20% Wool

$2.79 yard

Cotton Blend Houndstooth

Suiting Cream/Charcoal - 50% cotton/50% rayon

$2.39 yard

 Not on Sale:

Uptown Raw Silk Suiting Houndstooth Blue/White/Beige - 100% Silk


$9.98 yard

I also brought 5 yards of ambiance lining in black and 5 yards in camel...

Now I am hanging my head in shame....

I have also purchased more patterns so I am going to work on a SWAP - sewing with a plan - for this year as I don't know where to start!!

Did anyone else buy this week?


  1. Did I what!!! Went in to quickly (as if) pick up some ribbon to finish off a top. Knew exactly what I wanted but ended up coming out with 2 lengths of stretch cotton that will be just perfect for skirts. Weak, weak, weak...

  2. You make me laugh. Great to hear that I am not the only one!


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