Monday, 30 January 2012

The fabric of life

Thanks for your comments on my last blog. Picnicfan - you are quite right - it is not a diet - not even a real BIG change (they don't work for me). I am just going to incorporate more movement and less late night snacks (which is my main downfall) and try a more low GI approach to most food. (Not all - I will treat myself - looking loooooong term)

No being too strict and trying to change too much too soon.

Back to the fabric - I guess we are all fabricholics. So due to questions about what is in the boxes .... In addition to the fabrics in my earlier confessions of a fabricholic post, this is what came:

Ambiance Bemberg Lining Black and Camel

Love the feel of this lining. I originally heard of it through a blog for a person named Shams so thought I would try it. (Gotta love the Internet and this whole sewing community) It has a lovely hand (see - I'm learning the lingo). I have purchased some patterned charmeuse for some linings but wanted some plain ones so these are them. I ordered 5 yards of each.

The below is 100% wool - cross hatched lightweight in oat colour and absolutely lovely. Much nicer than I thought it would be at $3.99 per yard on sale. I worked out that the postage added 2.03 per yard which came to a total of  $6.02 per yard. (I divided the postage for the order by the amount of yards in that order) Prices of fabric in Australia are quite expensive and to pay $6.00 per yard for 100% wool is a great bargain - surely now you can see why I had to break my fabric fast!!!??  - the sale ended at midnight that night - no time to even contemplate.

I have added a picture of the pattern I have allocated to it. I am thinking of perhaps using this in May for the natural fabric comp at Pattern Review - if it meets the criteria. Believe me - I have had a few misses when it comes to ordering over the Internet - but the picture doesn't really do it justice. LOVING IT.

Cross Hatch 100% Wool Suiting Oat

The below was also on sale - it is a blended wool - mostly polyester (80%) and 20% wool - still at $2.79 per metre on sale ($6.00 per metre if we add postage - gotta feel envious of the sewers in the USA) it is still a bargain for me down under. The pattern I am thinking of for it is below. Although it says red it is lovely Autumn colour combination of red / Gold / Orange etc. It is a winter weight (Aussie winter that is)

Wool Blend Suiting Autumn Red

The below is another favoured material from the latest delivery. Again it is 100% wool . A lovely lightweight wool with a beautiful feel. On sale it was a staggering $3.99 per yard - $6.00 py  with postage. I am thinking of the dress in the below pattern for this to go with a jacket (different pattern for the jacket) made in  the raw silk houndstooth from earlier confessions of a fabricholic blog

100% Wool Suiting Midnight Blue

The below is a lovely "sueded" ITY knit jersey. It does have a different feel to it but I wouldn't necessarily say "sueded". It seems to catch a little and may show every lump and bump (although it does feel beautiful). It was not on sale and was $5.98 or $8.29 per yard including postage. I had originally thought of the below pattern that I purchased a couple of years ago (on my original short termed forage into sewing) but had done nothing with. I might re-think this after testing out how the fabric looks against cellulite!!

Sueded Stretch Jersey ITY Knit Brown/Gold

The below 2 purchases were a little disappointing, They were labeled as Ponte knit. My understanding of Ponte knit from RTW purchases is a denser knit with less give. Still a "matt' looking knit with SOME give. I have some Ponte slacks. I purchased the below Ponte Knits in both Berry and Black for a total of $8.30 per yard. I had in mind Pamelas Patterns Magic Pencil Skirt (Dying to try this pattern afer seeing Debbie Cook's review) and Banded Jacket. The fabric is unlike any knit I know with NO give whatsoever (except on the bias) and a "shiny' look to it. I don't know whether the misunderstanding is an Aussie / USA translation thing or a thing. Will have to give this fabric some thought now.

Thanks for indulging me in my ramblings about fabric. I LOVE fabric. I just looked at my credit card statement and almost passed out.... car needed major service / wheel alignment etc this month plus green slip and rego - cost almost $2,000 all up, and that along with all of my fabric and pattern purchases and everyday living costs have almost wiped me out. Will recover once my clients pay the bills for the month.... But for the moment I am hyperventilating. Can't wait until February turns over... Hmmmmmmm - red dress contest ..... Hmmm

Hey on other news- my birthday is coming up (March) and my family are going to buy me a DRESS FORM!!!!! Wow (they are not very cheap here in AUS) so this is a real treat!

What about you.. What have you bought lately?

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  1. You've got some really nice fabric! I agree with the fabric prices here in Oz, good quality wool that is affordable is nearly impossible to find so you got some real bargains! I haven't been game to try buying fabric from overseas yet - does it take a long time to get here?


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