Friday, 30 December 2011

New Shoes!!!

I received my first pair of bespoke shoes today - they were a Christmas present. I designed them myself and they are hand made by Shoes of Prey.

Red fish skin and blue patent leather! I certainly wont see them walking down the street on someone else!

Bespoke shoes - designed by me - handmade by Shoes of Prey

Beautiful quality and wonderfully packed (includes a packet of heel grips and gel and foam inserts for your comfort.

It took a couple of goes to get the fit right - but Shoes of Prey happily stood by their guarantee and re-made the shoes for me. They are a pleasure to deal with.

Of course - this necessitates the making of blue and red clothes to match!! Luckily I ordered the material when the shoes were ordered so I won't have to break the fabric fast that I am on (purchased way too much during my fabric fever).

I had purchased blue linen, blue / red and white rib and a nice red wool blend crepe and lining in anticipation of the shoes arriving - I only have one blue pair of bengaline pants in my wardrobe so far so have to add to it. So why - I hear in the back of my head - did I buy shoes that don't match much in my wardrobe..? Much more sensible to order black shoes - or brown shoes...... BUT - if you are going to design them yourself - why design something you can buy at the local shoe store?
On the hoof (with the lounge cover described in "first steps" post in background)

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