Friday, 23 December 2011

My first finished garment

This is my first finished garment

This is McCalls - 5896 Plus Size

I made version C (depicted in main photo) in a quilting cotton from Spotlight. This is my version.

As this was the first time I had finished a garment and am inexperienced, I cut the largest size according to my full bust measurement.and therefore had a huge gaping neck. The rest looked and fitted okay so I put darts in at the neckline to close it a bit. Not a great success so it will end up being a house top.

Picture of neck (I didn't take one before I put the darts in - it was way too gaping! Now it is uneven and puckering..... but ..... hey - it is a first attempt.

I lowered the bust line - mine is a bit lower than normal but apart from that I made no other adjustments. Next time I will cut it in a smaller size and do a FBA.

When I first cut this I had no idea what an FBA was. I saw  it mentioned along with cutting the pattern according to the upper bust not full bust on reviews at This website and the reviewers who take the time to put up their reviews have taught me so much already.

I will make this again with hopefully better results next time!


  1. Gorgeous top! Very nice merge of fabric and style.

  2. Even with your fix, it came out nice. You are using a much too large pattern. Do a search for full-bust adjustment. Then get a few fitting books like Fit for Real People--my personal favorite.

  3. Thank you both for your comments.

    I do have Fit for Real People (didn't have it when I first cut the fabric). You live and learn. I have found the Palmer Pletch resources really interesting and will start using their techniques.

  4. When I first started 'blogging' I had no idea at all what all these crazy acronyms were - FBA included. But over time, and with the aid of the Internet they gradually unfold. There is a wealth of information out there just waiting for us...
    As for the pleats there are a number of tops where this is actually an intended neckline feature, I usually have to use it around the armhole area. Well, we all are funny shapes on the outside...

  5. Love that fabric - I've never met a paisley I didn't like.


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