Wednesday, 21 December 2011

And yet more fabric!

I can't help it - I have purchased even more fabric. Maybe I should learn to sew properly first but I just can't help myself. As soon as an order gets delivered I am back on the Internet ordering more. So far so good - only a couple of bundles that didn't look like it did on the Internet. One was a fabric that looked like a great chocolate brown rib knit with a bit of sparkle in the picture actually turned out to be bright gold foil - that will teach me to read the description better.

What it looked like on the Internet - looks like a metalic sweater knit in chocolate with gold thread

Picture of actual fabric - it is actually even more gold and shiny than the picture shows -
which makes me understand the difficulty of trying to get an accurate depiction

The other big disappointment was a slinky fabric purchased from Denver Fabric website (which I believe is the same as

I absolutely fell in love with it and envisaged a cross over dress... however it looked like the picture but was covered in bright blue glitter - which didn't show in the photo and drops everywhere - Blue glitter is NOT me - neither is gold foil - so I am still thinking of what to do with both of these.

Mostly though - the fabric I have purchased have looked like the picture - or even better!

I have to promise myself not to purchase any more fabric until I have at least 5 garments finished (then I might reward myself).

It's funny - I think I am even more addicted to buying the fabric than I am to sewing it. Being a beginner, I worry that I will ruin the beautiful fabric when I cut and sew it. Oh well - you have to break the eggs to make an omelette!

Here is some of the fabric I have purchased - I don't have pictures for all as I actually walked into a shop a couple of times too!

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