Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Lutterloh top - part II

I had some great responses to my query about drafting of my Lutterloh top from the members of Pattern Review website - and I thank them greatly.

I am going to have another go at it - however I still don't think it is going to come out like the pattern drawing.

I put some lines through the scaled drawing and they end up like I drafted it - diamond straight down one side and bottom line on an angle... This was without using my measurements but just straight lines on the drawing.

The 2 red lines are supposed to go through the side dots on the diamond. The left one does - the right one goes straight through the diamond middle. The green line is okay - it goes through the bottom diamond dot. The pink one however is supposed to go through the dot on the cuff

I then drew the 2 lines in question using the dots to go through and not the measurement lines

Seems that it doesn't line up - I would have assumed that the line for the dot in the right middle of the triangle should be an obtuse angle and on the right side of the paper and not an accute angle - so I will draft it once more and then cut and sew and see how it goes. I will trust the lines and not the picture.

Fingers crossed. I will update as I go.

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  1. You joined my blog and I just joined yours. I see we are both Lutterloh users so let's hope we can be of help to each other. I'm looking forward to the journey, in earnest this time!


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