Saturday, 24 December 2011

Butterick 4686

I have started Butterick 4686. I set myself a challenge (even though it said easy) as it only goes up to size 20 so I had to add a LOT of inches to the pattern. I really liked the pattern though and thought it worth the trouble. I like the yoke and the A line.

12:00 noon: I am taking a break now as I had to sit here unpicking an error.... I have a love / hate relationship with the unpicker.

I sewed the top of the yoke to the top of the skirt. The cut line seemed to follow well so I pinned it and sewed it. Then I remembered that I the yoke was self facing and therefore I had cut more and should have sewn the yokes together before stitching. (I cut it a couple of weeks ago and forgot). When I picked up the other cut pieces I had a "ah ha" moment and realised I had sewn the wrong ends together - hence the unpicker! I wondered why the length was different! I had taken the time to gather the bottom of the skirt so it fitted into the yoke - only to realise the fit was correct - it was just that I was sewing the wrong ends together....  @##$#@!

12:30pm and another break and round with the unpicker!! This time I sewed on the wrong side of the fabric! Seeing as the yoke is self faced - when I thought I had put the right sides of the fabric together to sew - I actually had sewed the wrong sides together - DOH!

And I am using an overlocker (serger) so my fabric is getting smaller as I cut away seam allowance!

Lucky I am doing a trial before using the actual fabric I want the skirt in.

Trial Fabric is a quilting cotton from

Real skirt fabric will be another quilting cotton - a lovely Posy border print by Michael Miller from (I surely must be a frequent shopper by now).

Now the big problem is getting the zipper in. I have decided for an invisible zipper. Never done one before. Have the invisible zipper foot for my Janome (she is one well accessorised lady) - but apparently put it on the wrong way and broke a needle. Teach me to check where the hole for the needle is - DOH and double DOH. Have left it in disgust and watched a bit of telly while I calm down... (Andrew Denton interviewing Nigella Lawson). Back to it now.

Who knew an easy skirt could be so difficult!

4:48pm - lots of struggle with the zipper - finally in and now I know how it all works it will be easier next time. Skirt is now all sewn up and just needs hook and eye and hem...... maybe tomorrow... I am over it now and need to go and purchase the hook and eye.

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  1. Ooohhhh, I have this pattern and don't really mind it at all. My favourite part is that I can adjust the pleats to fit all the 'wobbly bits' without having to repattern anything. I have tried both views, but prefer the one without the skirt yoke. So, we have similar tastes...


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