Monday, 26 December 2011

Lutterloh top - Supplement 278 Aug 2010 (I think) Number 45

While I am waiting to get to the shops to purchase a hook and eye for my Butterick skirt I thought I would try Lutterloh... I picked a knit top that I am going to try in Chateau knit in honey from to go with my Butternick skirt, in preparation for a lovely white rib knit with red and blue splashes that I purchased from

I gathered my supplies and tore off a strip of paper (I'm lucky - one of my business clients is a printing company and they give me the end of their rolls - apparently they go though about 1000 rolls a week!!!!!). I have copied the pattern so that I don't have to ruin the page and I also made an enlargement for these old eyes to see the numbers better (not to actually use of course - but to refer to).


I then started on the design of my pattern. I drafted the pattern according to the tip from tucci4me on Pattern Review website (thanks Tucci4me!) and used my upper bust measurement for dots until halfway down the armhole and then I used my full bust for all of the rest of the dots - so we will see how this goes. I didn't add the FBA as well as this is a knit pattern and therefore I think it should be okay.

Commence Drafting

It took about 20mins for me to almost finish the first part of the 3 piece pattern

Going okay

And then I ran into trouble. One side of the where the pattern separates did not seem to match the scaled drawing - However it even looks to me like the pattern itself may be wrong????? I mean - I am new to sewing so what do I know - But it looks like the lines that need to be followed will actually give the results I got...... Am I supposed to get these results and not a diamond shape with a straight line underneath like the pattern??

Close up of pattern

This is what mine looks like

There is no *diamond* shape with the right side being straight

And the dot that comes off the diamond is not straight down - the light line is where the dot goes and the darker line is as in pattern

If any of you experienced Lutterloh drafters out there have this pattern can you run your eye (and maybe tapemeasure) over this and let me if where I went wrong??? This is my first Lutterloh and I would hate to not be able to do this........

Can someone help??
Thanks in advance and hope    :-)


  1. I can't wait to see how your Lutterloh projects turn out. My sister has this pattern system and loves it.

  2. Hi! Did you buy the XXL size or plus size of Lutterloh? There is one.

    I have found that for the regular persons' Lutterloh patterns, and this only works for me, that I need to add 6,5cm or approx. 2.5 inches to all of the numbers on the designs. Then you sort of look and say "well this dot doesn't line up with those dots that are in a row so I'll discard that dot that doesn't fall in line." Clear as mud? Hope you can get this and send me an email. Kathy from Arizona, USA


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