Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Thanks for the feedack

Thank you all for your comments on my Anita peasant blouse. I have read all the suggestions and mulled it over. All comments were great and there are a few comments that really gel with me.

I think it really is the raglan sleeves that are not for me... The idea of shoulder pads is good and I may well use this in the future - but not for raglan sleeves. I think while a round neck is okay (but low round neck - MrsC - I think more skin is better for me too) a wide round neck is not for me.

Love the idea of dying fabric but will probably start out playing with dying plain uncut fabric.

The comments that really sealed the fate for this top were:

"I suspect you won't pull it out of the wardrobe" - Sue you are so right! And after just doing a wardrobe overhaul I don't want to put anything in it that I won't wear.

"I know that you're more interested in making clothes that really nail your look" - MrsC - absolutely. This is a real journey to find "my look - my colours - my style" and this top ain't it.

"There is always the option of re cutting and using parts of it incorporated into a skirt" - Valerie - this is a brilliant idea and exactly where this top will end up.

Thanks everyone for your input. This is a real mission for me - after year of  grabbing anything out of the wardrobe (black of course) and not caring how I looked, it is all an adventure and feedback is critical.

BTW - love the idea of bootleg trousers.. Does anyone know a plus sized pattern????


  1. Very highly rated on PR and everywhere else are Jalie trousers -- they have a bootleg jeans pattern and a <a href="http://www.jalie.com/jalie2909-women-s-classic-trousers-sewing-pattern.html>classic trouser pattern</a> with a bootleg cut. Jalie have probably the biggest size range as standard -- you get the same pattern for every size from small child to 53" hip in one (large) pattern envelope. I own the jeans pattern but have not made them, so can't recommend from personal experience, but they are very popular.

  2. Replies
    1. Oohh - I do like the look of that classic pant. I shall buy the pattern. It will take me a while to progress to zipper/fly - but I love the shape of them.

    2. I think we are on a similar journey. Ive just got back into dressmaking and decided to use up my fabric stash. Then I thought no point spending time sewing if these fabrics don't suit me, I am always buying bargains what ever the color. Next step try to do diy colour analysis, followed by a wardrobe chuck-out. I now have a vague idea what colors and styles suit me.(i think)

  3. Beajay I have that pattern and am looking to move it on. quiltsewsewsue at gmail dot com and I can arrange to post it to you. I am happy to send it to someone who may use it.


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