Sunday, 2 September 2012

Call me butter - I'm on a roll - Kwik Sew 2694

Well I have sped through my first item for my Mini Spring Wardrobe and I must say that I am very pleased

Second happy dance: 

I wanted a cross over top to replace my old favourite RTW top (in black natch) so hunted for a pattern. Finally found one that was way too small and I added quite a few cms to it to make it fit. I cut up my old top to compare and ended up adding quite a bit (see review below for details) and I am quite happy with it although it could still do with improvements.

I thought it would be interesting to have the crush stripe running down for the upper front and sleeves and across for the back and stomach as this is where the stretch is - but maybe it would have been better with the stripe running the same way (down). I purchased a nice teal / turquoisey bag to go with my new Spring palette but realised that it was showing around the wrong way - DOH.

Please excuse the crushed pants - I rushed through getting the top finished so I could wear it out to lunch and have been sitting for some hours. I actually wore the top out to lunch un-hemmed - I was so eager to give it a run - but hemmed it in time for the photos. The sleeves aren't hemmed as I used the selvage for the ends of the sleeves.

I think the fabric is a little light for the tightness of the top. It is not actually tight - but the fabric clings to the lumps and bumps - check out the back!! I will give the next one I make a couple more cms.

And here is a picture with the handbag around the right way!

I used vilene tape on the front neckline and clear elastic on the shoulders. I used a twin needle for the hem and neckline and the raw salvage for the hem of arms.

Close up of neckline stitching and fabric.

Kwik Sew uses thick paper for their patterns so I was able to adjust the pattern straight onto the pattern and then trace the new pattern onto new paper. Much better than tracing the pattern and then making adjustments.

You can see the lines I have drawn on the paper. I had to add quite a few cms so didn't know how the pattern would turn out - but it all matched up so I was happy.


I won't be progressing as quickly for my other items as I was only able to get this pattern altered and traced (along with the key item) before the contest started so all my other items will be fresh out of the packet so to speak,

My review

Pattern Description:  

Close fitting pullover top with deep V neckline and overlapped front.

Pattern Sizing:

 XS to XL. I am an XXXL so had to grade up considerably.

 Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? 


Were the instructions easy to follow?

Yes – easy to follow – it all went together easily.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?

This pattern is the same type as a favoured (now cut up) RTW top that I have had for many years. I have tried to find this pattern in my size and came close with a Simplicity Khaliha Ali pattern (3699 – OOP) but after purchasing realised that it had Dolman?? type sleeves which I didn’t want. So I purchased this smaller sized pattern, cut up my old top and used it as a guide to re-sizing.

I love the fact that it is dawn on thick paper so I made my adjustments right onto the pattern and then traced a complete new size onto new paper.

Fabric Used:

 Mignon crushed knit from – 100% polyester. Now I love this knit – it is light weight and lush looking …It has a kind of a sheen to it, however I wore it today with a polyester cami and almost set the room alight with sparks when I took it off. … I’m talking about static electricity!! I guess the word polyester along with the sheen should have been a hint.

 Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:

 As stated before I had to make this much larger. I added 4cms to the sides and sleeves and 4 cms to the length of the cross over tops part and 6 cms to the length of the bottom part (total of 10cms to the back’s length). After doing this and tracing out the pattern, I tried on the paper and found that I would still need more to cover the girls so I added about another 4cms to the edge where it crosses over.

I really wasn’t sure how all of these changes would work out. Whether things would match up etc – as I am still new to sewing – but I am really happy with the outcome. Next time I make it I will add a bit more as it is – well not exactly tight – but clingy – or maybe this is just the “fine” knit??

 Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
I already have plans for at least another 2 or 3. Especially after cutting up my RTW version for sizing purposes. I absolutely recommend it. It is not exactly trendy – but a lovely look that flatters larger bust lines (IMO).


A favoured style of mine – can be casual or dressy. A great top.
Until next time.


  1. It looks great on you, love the material and its a very flattering shape - I think next time I see a KwikSew pattern I might have to get it for me too!!

  2. What beautiful textural fabric! Looks super...

  3. That fabric is so lovely, and you have done a great job re-sizing that pattern, the fit looks fantastic :)

  4. That is fabulous! I love the color- you must have a killah fabric store near you!!!

  5. Gorgeous style, I've got a couple of tops like that which I absolutely love!

  6. Really nice and a great job of altering the pattern to fit you so well!

  7. Wow, you are really on a roll---can't wait to see the rest! At this rate you'll be all finished by next week. Love your fabric!

  8. A super flattering top and it's great that you based it on a RTW top you liked. I find they are the projects that work out the best. The thinner knits do often show the lumps and bumps trust me I know as I have sewn my fair share.This top is a great look for you.

  9. Congratulations on so many counts - making a great looking top and grading up so successfully. I have made that pattern three times now and love it - yes the pattern cover is not very trendy - lol - but it is a great pattern. Good luck for the rest of your miniwardrobe - lovely to see your smiling face too !

  10. Thanks for all of the kind comments.

    prttynpnk - actually got the fabric from USA - (where I buy 90% of my fabric!!)

    Janine - yes - I thought it time to show my face - not quite game enough to take off the sunnies though ;-)

  11. This top looks wonderful on you! It fits well,flatters your figure and the movement with the stripes going different directions is eye catching!
    LOVE the purse on either side. You had me confused when you called it a "spring" wardrobe! Then I saw that you were from Australia!
    Good work!

  12. I love the material you have used you look really nice in it. Ihave never used a kwik sew pattern before, I shall take another look

  13. Beautiful top and I like the way you sewed the lower front piece so the stripes are horizontal. I know what you mean about wearing a top before it is hemmed- I've done that! This is super that you have another item done for the Mini-Wardrobe Contest.

  14. Lovely top! Like everyone else, I really like the way you oriented the fabric directions. The colour looks awesome on you, too! :D Nice job.

  15. Did I tell you this is one of my fav knit tops? Your version is wonderful on you.

  16. This is sooooo pretty on you! Glad you are experiencing some sewing successes lately!

  17. thanks for posting.

  18. I think this is a great style & colour for you. I really like the fabric you used too (I'm telling myself "You do NOT need more fabric!")

  19. This top looks really great on you. Good work!


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