Sunday, 23 September 2012

StyleArc Anita Peasant Blouse

Verdict - not for me.

This top went together well and looks great on others... but I don't think it is for me.

The style makes my already round shoulders look even rounder and it is a bit "shapeless" on me.. This could be my fault as I pivoted the pattern a little to give me more room and maybe I pivoted it bit too much. It is not hemmed because the jury is still out on whether I would wear it.

I was thinking about putting a bit of shape in the waist and turning the hem up at the sides - not quite sure what this is called - sort of like a mans shirt tails?? But I really don't know if it is worth it. I don't know whether I would wear it.

It's funny - I purchased this material on line and when it arrived (quite some months ago) I thought it was a bit bright and would probably make a nice skirt. Then I decided that I should be sewing in wardrobes - instead of just by item - which doesn't match anything - and so thought it would go with pants I am going to make... hence it became a top.

Now that I have had my colours done I can see why I thought it a bit bright - being a dusky it really needs to be toned down to suit me (listen to me - the instant colour expert - LOL).

The black pants don't help the colour either - but black is what I have at the moment. (or white jeans which I don't think would look good either).

What do you think? Do you think that having a more fitted waist and turn up at the sides would help it? Or should I just say - doesn't suit me - and not waste time on it?

Next projects are interesting.... I am going to print off a sheath dress and slacks from Patternmaker software that I downloaded. I spent some time taking numerous amounts of measurements (sob sob - quite scary) and hopefully this will give me patterns in my measurements - well that is the theory anyway. OR I might do another Kwik Sew cross over top because I was soo happy with that one. Decisions decisions!


  1. I like your shirt but I think your ideas for shaping the waist and the hemline are great ones -- it will give it even more style! I've also been eyeing this pattern so am glad to know of your experience with it.

  2. I think you are on the money. The rounded neckline is ok but not really the best shape for you, I like the V neck look on you, either cut in or with a cross over. You need more skin on show, girl! :)
    Also, raglan sleeves are generally not great if you have a tendency to look round shouldered. The set in sleeve on the shoulder is best as it has more structure.
    Don't chuck it, keep it for weekends. It's a nice top - it's just not the top in your heart, and I know that you're more interested in making clothes that really nail your look than meh things :)

  3. It could be a nice layering piece with a cardi or a jacket over the top, but it is not your best look. :) If you would wear it keep it, but I suspect you won't pull it out of the wardrobe. Hem it and pass it on to someone who may love it.

  4. I agree with Susan give the hemming and shaping a try. It's amazing how such a tweak can change your opinion even if it isn't your favourite top. I would love to have my colours done as I really struggle with fabric choice. I have tried working it out from online sources and I think I need to wear jewel colours which I am going to try going forward.

  5. Give shaping or gathering the hem a go. Also try it with the white jeans. You never know and there is always the option of recutting and using parts of it incorporated into a skirt..

  6. I think your ideas are definitely good. I find myself drawn to this style with often tragic results! How aboout a loose belt to nip in a bit?

  7. I like the idea of re-shaping and re-hemming too. If you still find the colour too bright, is it possible to dye it a deeper colour?

  8. The colors are lovely. Have you tried accessorizing with a long skinny scarf, and a cardigan? Could be a nice base piece. You might even try a belt under the cardigan.


  9. I think the round neck is just as nice on you as your v neck top. I think that the raglan sleeve is the problem. I have small shoulders and I find a set in sleeve is a far better fit for myself, It gives my shoulders more definition, and of course a slim shoulder pad makes all the difference.

    Have you thought of turning it into a casual jacket. You could open the front,edge it. Put some vertical darts under the bust to give it more shape, or if you have any fabric left over a self tie belt would work.

    I like the material it looks nice on you. As for what to wear with it, I like to put colour with colour, so how about picking out the purple thats in the fabric.

  10. I think you could put in some shoulder pads to fill out the top of the shoulder and give a little shape will help the silhouette and rounding the front and back hems. Experiment with different sizes -- you will know by looking in the mirror which one is right. The thicker end should be at the end of the shoulder. Don't be afraid to try large ones. If you don't have a defined waistline I would not put in elastic or drawstring waist unless you wish to blouse it... You could always put elastic at the hemline.... I have a peasant shape bright blue blouse I purchased at TJMaxx and it has the elastic at the bottom.. and while I don't have a high ratio btw my waist and hip, it looks good gathered at the bottom over my hips --I wear it with bright red ponte slim pants. You seem like you have a slim leg line. A slim pant or even a bootleg (where the pant comes in at the lower thigh/knee and then out again would pay off the volume of the top. An ankle bootie with slim pants or wedge/heel with flared bottom pants would round out the look. I like the blue color, it goes well with your hair. White will look really nice with it, black is good, if you are brave, try some of the other brights that are in this Fall with it too! If you are not so brave, even a grey would work.

  11. You're on the right track regarding a different neckline and hem. This colour will still be a feature under a jacket/topper in your colours. Maybe the structure could be in the jacket/topper.
    Dyeing this fabric in a more muted colour might be fun too.
    While you only have these black pants, use them. A slimmer style or bootleg style would work for you.
    There are so many options to experiment with. This is a great time for your evolving wardrobe :)

  12. Hi I've only just seen your blog. I like this top and I think maybe a bit shorter. It would give better balance I think. I like the colour but that is so personal.


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