Saturday, 1 September 2012

Body photos added - Pamela's Patterns Cool Banded Cardigan - Oh Yeah!

How happy am I? 

I have finished my key item for my mini Spring wardrobe - and in time to meet the PR contest rules no less!!  And I like it.. It could be improved but it is the first item I have made where I am happy with the overall fit.

Here is a picture on Babs. I wanted to get one quickly so that I don't run out of time for the contest.  I will post a picture on me later. I will take one during the day out in the sun so the flash won't shine off the material. I think it fits a bit better on me than on Babs - I think it is the way it hangs with no arms and neck. I will better be able to tell when I take a picture wearing it. At first I was worried as there is a gap - the front doesn't meet but when I looked at the picture on the Pamela Pattern website it looks like this is what it should do.

On Babs:

On body photos added

Still have to hem the sleeves but had to get the pics taken before my photographer left. Will sit and sew now.


Pattern Description:

Jacket style cardigan with banded front.

Pattern Sizing:

This pattern is sized for a high bust measurement of 31" - 45". The full bust measurement can be slightly larger.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?

Yes - for once!!

Were the instructions easy to follow?

Not only very easy to follow but there are also video clips online for the tricky parts.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?

Love the fact that it was quick and easy (I still had to concentrate and follow every step so it took me longer than the average bear but I was very pleased with the ease of this). Also the way the band attaches starts off the hem.

Love love the fact that there was a separate pattern piece for a full bust (but I still had to make adjustments because of my size - smaller ladies wouldn't have to do this). Also options for a shaped waist or straight and options for shaped or straight sleeves.

Love love love the look of it and the fit.

Love love love love the fact that you can go online for the tricky bits and see a tutorial. Oh Yeah!!

Fabric Used:

A lovely knit from Remnants Warehouse in Sydney. I don't know what type of knit it is but it has very nice geometric shapes with some of the shapes having a sheen to them and some are matt. Very unusual. It is nice and light to cover the arms during our spring. Not the easiest to sew - it did curl on the cut edges - so I took the precaution of sewing it on my Janome first before taking it over to the Elna overlocker.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:

As stated above, I did an additional full bust adjustment to add a few inches to the front so that it would fit me as the pattern didn't go up to my size... had a bit of an issue with this - my fault - not the pattern's. I mistakenly did the full bust adjustment on the back of the pattern - not the front. Doh! Wasted a good portion of my day having to re-trace the pattern and do another adjustment to the front. It was either that or wear it back to front... ;-).

I found that using the largest size but adding an FBA gave me a good fit on the shoulders and sleeves.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?

Absolutely - I see this pattern as a staple in my wardrobe to cover the tuckshop arms.. As the website says "for winter wear, make it from a cozy sweater or double knit. For summer, choose a lightweight drapey knit". I intend to make it in several different types of knits - now that I have a correct FBA!


Classier than a regular cardigan and less structured than a jacket. A great style and an easy pattern.

Things I learnt.

How to put on a band - Yeah
To check which pattern peice you are adjusting - Doh
I love Pamela's Patterns tutorials - Yeah
I have found sleeves,  armholes and backs that fit - Yeah
I can sew easy things to a level that I am happy with - Yeah
Can't wait to get away from BLACK - Doh and Yeah
That I deperately need a hair cut and colour!


  1. There are some designers who specialise in wearing clothes back to front so your were actually fashion forward with your initial FBA.
    This is definitely a classy cardi that looks wonderful to wear. I love the Remnant Warehouse too.

  2. Looks a great fit and the fabric is lovely - a winner!

  3. This looks as if it fits really well.. Sometimes this style can look a little sloppy, but it looks fabulous on you. I bet this will be a pattern you will make over and over.

  4. It's lovely, sits great and fits well, you have every reason to be proud! :)

  5. The fabric is gorgeous and it looks very very nice on you!!!

  6. You nailed it with the fit on this cardigan. (I just subscribed to your blog on Google Reader and am catching up :) )

    1. Welcome JuliN - hope you enjoy my posts.


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