Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Anonymous posts

I have had to change my settings on my blog as I have started to get a lot of annoying anonymous comments that are spam. They leave a comment as if they have read my blog (although it is a generic comment) and then there is a link to their website. I don't know if they are advertising or if they have a more nefarious purpose.... But it is very annoying.

So I have chosen only registered users to be able to leave comments. I am hoping that this will stop this horrible practice but still let "real" people comment.

Has anyone else had this problem. I am interested to know if there is another way to fix this or if indeed it will fix it. And will it stop legitimate commenters.... I do so love to get comments.. :-)



  1. Hi Beajay.
    I had to resort to the same thing. I did enjoy reading the inventive spam but rather enjoy chatting to real sewers like yourself.
    Have a great week.

  2. I have had one, but it was on the boring side! So fill me in on what a registered user is. Such a pity us little home sewers have to resort to screening our comments ...

  3. I've had a couple of spam comments but so far they've gotten picked up in the spam filter (in my comments page) before they got posted.

  4. I had one the other day too! The spam filter caught it. Had heaps of them on the business blog which is in Wordpress, but a plugin called Akismet sorted it out. It's all a total mystery to me!

  5. Another nod for Akismet -- it truly rocks. I get oodles of spam on my Wordpress blog and it catches them all. But I don't have any idea of whether there is any plugin overlap with blogspot. So annoying!

  6. Thanks guys. Luckily the filter on Blogspot put them in the spam file with out publishing them... but I would get excited seeing a comment come through on my email only to find that it is not a fellow sewist with something to say! I seem to be getting them everyday.

  7. I checked and found that I already have my blog set to allow comments from registered users only. I also have word verification off because "encaptcha" is a bee-yotch. If I don't like doing it on other blogs, why should I make my readers go through that nearly-impossible hoop, too?

  8. That's why all of my comments are moderated - to delete the spam. And yes to the word verification being turned off too - it's a complete pain.

  9. Gosh that is annoying - but perhaps it means you are famous now :). I am glad I can still comment though.

  10. What I did on my blog was turn off word verification but keep moderation on. So when they come though what doesn't go straight to the spam folder can be easily deleted. Some of the links that have been attempted to be posted to my blog were foreign language and google translate allowed me to see that they were actually quite nasty in some cases or just commercial junk.
    Word verification used to be much easier to do until they began shrinking the size font and distorting it so badly its now just about impossible to read those little characters.
    Yes the comments still come through my blog, and generally in waves, but they are usually on older post, as I think whoever is sending them in is hoping to sneak them past, and is hoping I have turned moderation off older posts.
    These days I don't let a comment with a blog link pass unless it is from someone with a site I think others might like that is relevant to the content of my blog, such as a sewing or blog or quilting blog, rarely if ever a commercial site. You can always tell which are genuine and which are thinly disguised attempts to direct my blog traffic to their commercial site based on the comments.
    I think its just an unavoidable part of the internet- and that's after all why we have spam and trash folders.

  11. I too received one if these comments, I thought it was strange as it was a very old post they had commented on


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