Sunday, 26 August 2012

Mini Wardrobe Contest - Key Item troubles.

Sometimes I think that I'm not cut out (ha ha) for sewing...

I am busily trying to get my key item done before the contest starts (as per the rules - or maybe not - who can decipher the rules????)  but my lack of experience seems to be getting in the way - again...

I am doing the Pamela's Patterns Cool Banded Cardigan as my key piece in a lovely knit that I purchased from the Remnants Warehouse. It is really a lovely fabric and I was hoping to get at least a muslin done today or even further today..

But alas... it was not to be.

I looked carefully at the pattern and measured it against myself and my sloper and decided that although Pamela was considerate enough to include a separate piece for full bust - I still needed to do an additional FBA as the largest size of the pattern was just still a tad smaller than I need.

So - I got out my trusty tracing paper, cardboard pinning board, scissors, sticky tape, rulers etc and checked the Palmer Pletsch DVD - Full Busted - again and spent considerable time doing an FBA and adjusting the back piece of the pattern to match the added length an FBA gives the front..

 All was looking good and I was happy with progress.

I put away my tracing paper, cardboard pinning board, sticky tape, rulers etc, got out my cutting board, rotary cutters, weights, aligned the fabric perfectly ready to cut and then luckily checked the pattern.

Do you notice the word BACK written on the pattern?? That's right - I gave myself a full bust adjustment on my back!!!

You know - after tracing the pattern pieces and then adjusting the back like it was the front and the front like it was the back - I seriously considered cutting it this way and wearing it back the front!! Start a new trend. But luckily sanity prevailed.

So - I then had to retrace and remark and redo the pattern adjustments...

Now I am too tired to cut fabric and sew. I don't want to make more mistakes.

My big question is - do I try to finish it by the end of the month or do I wait until next month to cut the material and try to do the five items in the one month. I can't sew at night as I am way too tired after training all day and I have limited day time hours to cut and sew.

Seriously - those rules have done my head in.

Until next time.


  1. Your post made me smile - we all have days like that. Don't lose the fun in your sewing to follow the contest rules. Use the contest to motivate your sewing, but if it gets too much, let it go. It is more important to enjoy the process. :)

  2. Thanks Sue - if don't get my wardrobe finished in time for the contest at least it will go toward sewing for the new season sew along!

  3. While I haven't made that exact error - but I have had my share of doosies! The best part is that you caught it before you cut. That is a big plus. Yes, the rules are a bit odd with that key item. It has to be finished by the 31st or not begun at all until Sept. 1. That seems odd to me - but I guess it made sense to the committee. I say just plug along and see what happens. If you don't finish the cardi by the deadline of Aug. 21, you will still get a great wardrobe, and maybe you would have time by the end of the Sept. to come up with another key item and still be eligible. Or maybe you will get the cardi done this week and all will be well for a great beginning. Either way it is a win. I am debating doing a wardrobe too - but I have some pieces to finish up first, so won't begin until Sept. 1, if I try at all - we will see.

    1. Oops - typo on the Aug. 21 date - should say Aug. 31.

  4. Thanks Patti, I guess what is doing my head in is the contradictions. They can't seem to get clarification over when the 5th item has to be sewn.... At one stage it looked like it was clarified and all was good - and then another post contradicted again so I have given up reading the contest board - otherwise I might just take up drinking! Hope you get time to do the wardrobe - it is great to see what everyone comes up with

  5. Oh no! Aw man, well at least you caught on before you cut into the fabric?

    I am also confused about the timing of the Key Item. Bah, why do they always have to throw in these twists that just restrict people's creativity? Good luck getting your key piece done. I'm working on mine (a basic knit long-sleeve t-shirt in a lovely mustard yellow) tonight.

  6. I've done that recently, cut out the fabric & sewed it up backwards. And I've been sewing for years! It's just one of those things, lesson learned. Your cardigan is very cute.

  7. You gave me a giggle on a day I needed one. :) At least you hadn't cut out & sewn it.


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