Monday, 6 August 2012

Style Arc Abby Cardigan

As promised here are a couple of pictures wearing the Abby Cardigan - front and back. Next Abby I make I will definitely make longer and probably come down one size but add a full bust adjustment. The sleeves and back are a little big. I am still getting sizing right

Hmmm - photos are somewhat revealing aren't they - pant view from the back - not so good!!! Static electricity is a killer isn't it? Maybe I need a puckered butt adjustment - is there such a thing?? These pants are ready to wear but wearing out - so I am going to take them apart for a pant pattern. I am not quite up to crotch adjustments!!! Is anyone?

I have purchased some hi-tech matte hybrid crepe from EmmaOneSock. (their name for it - not mine). I don't know why it is called hi-tech - I am hoping that the fabric is like the fabric in the invisibility cloaks on Harry Potter and make all rolls, lumps and bumps disappear!  I saw it on Margy's blog A Fool for Fabric and knew I had to get me some. It was expensive - especially with the cost of shipping (apparently it is heavy) - but I desperately need new slacks... I purchased teal and navy and chocolate....

Next on the agenda is the start of my Spring wardrobe.

I am going to commence with a copy of a ready to wear top that is one of my favourites but again - wearing thin. (Notice it is BLACK!! Although it looks black and white it is actually a pale gold)

It is a boucle type?? knit (bubbly???) very comfortable but has risen up a little as my stomach has expanded out a lot!! It is a cross over. I am going to make it in the below material that is the same as the one in the Abby cardi but in blue. I will make it a bit longer (to cover pucker butt!)

Once I have the template for the slacks and top I will feel much better about using patterns and adjusting them.

Until next time.


  1. Love the colourings in both these top fabrics. And Spring Wardrobe planning - are the temps warming up down your way already??? Looking forward to see what you come up with...

    1. Thanks Judith - unfortunatly still biting cold but I am an optimist!

  2. Looking good BeaJay. Love that Abby cardi. Very flattering.

  3. What a smart outfit! Suits you and your shape. Wish I had pins like yours, girl!


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