Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A Jean by Any Other Name - will it look as sweet?

Being a plus plus plus size gal, I get my jeans where I can - whatever shops sell my size I buy. And I have been happy - but never really given different cuts of jeans any thought.

I stumbled across this site through Pinterest (my new obsession) and found it really interesting. Something my slimmer sisters may already know about. I will be photographing my butt more now (or my photographer will be). Especially after pucker butt photo on my last post.

Check out the jeans on Grasping for Objectivity Blog - it really shows how a good cut can change the look of a butt.

If anyone wants to check out my collection of Plus Sized fashion on Pinterest - I am under Bea Jay and my board is called My Plus Size Style. Or use the Follow me on Pinterest button on the right (fingers crossed it works).

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  1. thanks for that - I just spent 30mins checking out that site. I have a zillion pairs of jeans (not all of them fit very well) but they hardly get worn anymore now that I rarely ride my bike. QLD is just too hot most of the time too. I sure don't miss trying to buy jeans that look decent - it's up there with swimwear.


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