Sunday, 5 February 2012

Using scanners and OneNote

I have had a couple of questions regarding using OneNote for older patterns that you can not access through the net, using OneNote to catalogue magazine articles and using cataloguing patterns to be able to find them easily so I thought I would scan a pattern in to show you how it goes in.

I have scanned the below pattern using my scanner and then copying the resulting pictures and pasting into OneNote.

You can see that I have typed in V119 DKNY Cowl Neck Dress - As you type in the title it automatically names the tab for that page the same (on the right hand side of the screen) I have also put it in a separate category - scanned - although I could have put it straight onto a new page in dresses.

This is the back of the pattern scanned in.

As for cataloguing the patterns - I have put them under Wardrobe, Dresses, Skirts, Tops, Jackets, Slacks, Casual, Accessories. You can see the category tabs on the top of the screen. You can make your own decisions - you might file them under brand - Simplicity etc, or Season - Summer / Winter etc - whatever you think will help you to find them. As you put them in the title of the page automatically comes in from the website (unless you scan it). I usually change the title to have the pattern number first - below it is B5719 and then that is reflected on the page tab on the right hand side of the screen.

As you click on the page tab it moves to that page. You can see the tab of the page that is active is white - not blue. 

You can manually move the pages to put them in order if you want. Unfortunately I have not found a way to automatically sort them. I haven't bothered putting them in order. They are put in the order that they were imported from the web.

You can download a trial of office 10 to give it a try - if you do, just make sure the package you download has OneNote.

Good luck.

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