Wednesday, 1 February 2012

More on OneNote

I have been following a discussion on PR about fabric Apps and I am posting this to show some more functions of OneNote so if you are not interested in OneNote - Read no further.

I must tell all who are looking at apps for fabric more about why I love OneNote.

I have been reading that some applications don't allow for multiple views etc.

I have added a couple more pictures to show how easy it is to use OneNote.

Here I have right clicked on a website and chose - send to onenote,
It opens this dialogue box saying select location - here I have selected - In the crosshairs (fabric) which is a page I set up for fabrics I like and might buy (fabric fever again)

As you can see here - it put the whole page in - put in a title for the page and labeled the tab (at the bottom of the list in pink)- I have done nothing at this stage

Here I highlight what I want to delete and just press delete. I "clean up the page" only takes about 30 seconds.

This is what I end up with. Even better at the bottom of the page it puts a link in for where the page was inserted from - so if I do want to purchase it I click on the link and if the fabric is still available it will go straight there. So you end up with all info - width of fabric, washing instructions etc - as long as it was on the website - all at one click and a bit of cleaning. Very quick and efficient.

I can then copy and paste any pictures I want and this is helpful to see what fabrics go with what patterns and match in colours.

Then you just open One Note app on your phone and it automatically syncs - don't even need to plug it in. This app is free. They also have an upgrade which costs money but I haven't tried that one yet. Don't know how it can be improved? Maybe it pays for your purchases ;-)

AND - you can use it for whatever you want - not just fabrics and patterns. Here I have opened a cookbook and downloaded recipes. Would be good for any planning - holiday, weddings, etc. It even has dowloadable templates for wedding and home improvements. A great all rounder.


  1. You should know that these posts on OneNote had me double checking my system, alas though my Office Professional 2007 does not have OneNote (hmm unless I just didn't install it -- I'll have to pull the CD). I hadn't really played with OneNote but I sure want to now!

  2. Thanks for the info.

    I am trying to imagine how to use OneNote to catalog my very large pattern collection yet still make it easy to find what I want.

    Are you using OneNote for your pattern collection as well? How do you find what you want (I have LOTS of patterns).


  3. Thanks Beverly for doing a quick tutorial on One Note freeware version. It's usually used by folks with the 365 subscription, and I would like to keep using the free app!

    So thanks a bunch!


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