Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Ordering from OS Part 2

I have had some good comments and questions since my last post and would like to answer the questions.

PicnicFan - try taking out 1/2 a yard at a time and see if that helps.  It seems to have increments that you can reach until it goes up and I find if it goes up I just shave 1/2 a yard until it goes down. I have never seen $30 though. That might be the difference in the Euro (or Drachma????) I don't know. Mine tends to go from $24 to around $70. If you stay with the $15 you don't get much for the shipping and it takes longer. Mostly I am happy with the fabric. Most of the times that I haven't been is because I haven't read the description carefully enough. The exception has been the ponte knits - I have found that they do have a bit of stretch - but they are SHINY! If I have any doubts now I order swatches (in with a fabric order) and I have found that most of my worries have been had merit in these cases - ie - I wouldn't order the actual fabric. So I would only order full amount of fabric if I think it won't be a surprise. Overall - very happy. However if you have good online shops in Europe, stick to those. Fabric prices in AUS are so high (usually) that it pays off for me.

LauraM - isn't it strange that it takes patterns just as long to get to you than it does to get here! One of the great mysteries. I have heard others in the US say that this website takes time too. Patterns over here are on average around $18 for the big four and sometimes even $25 so waiting for them to come over here for the price is really worth it. As for StyleArc patterns - I have heard a lot of good things but my experience hasn't been that great but I think that is more my problem than theirs. Firstly - let me say that their customer service is EXCELLENT. They really understand the concept of what a customer is. I spent 2 years teaching Small Business Management to people starting their own business and it is funny how such a simple concept of "without customers you have NOTHING" is still lost on a lot of businesses. They understand it.

My big problem was sizing. And I think that had to do with my FULL FULL FULL bust. I ordered these patterns before understanding about the need for a FBA. Now I did read on someones review that they didn't need to do a FBA with Style Arc but I think I would. Problem that I have is... I tend to go overboard when I like the look of something and remember I am new to sewing so not experienced in this way. I measured my full bust and purchased a whole lot of stylearc patterns. I was going to test one out first but got carried away (as usual). Anyways - made the first one and it seemed a little tight on the bust (hence should have done a FBA). Now being a BIG lass I ordered the largest size they had and when this didn't fit I emailed stylearc asking if they were thinking of making their patterns larger. Chloe got back to me and said that 30 was their biggest size but if I gave them my measurements they will see what they could do. I replied that I really just needed one more size up and they said that would grade up any patterns I wanted (see what I mean by customer service) so I ordered heaps in 32 and made one up and it swum on me - talking TENT.

The patterns themselves are good quality paper - and I understand why they are not multi sized and maybe I will go back to the ones in size 30 and do a FBA (although thinking now about it - my high bust is actually 26 according to their sizing chart - so I am pretty lost on this)

Bottom line - after a lot of rambling.. You really need to get the sizing right with this. They are a good company to deal with - I just wish I hadn't purchased so many patterns without getting the size right. Maybe just try one out - one that is fitted so you can see if the sizing is right - as there are so many good reviews on PR.

Suzy - I am envious that you can find such cheap fabric on sale at Spotlight. I go there a bit but haven't seen the cheap bin. I must look!

Ciao for now.... this weekend I am going to start my Red Dress - wish me luck!


  1. Thanks, BeaJay. I think I'll stay with European online shops then. It can't be the exchange rate to Euros because the postage rate is in dollars. ( As for Drachma if we have to go back to that, I won't be ordering anything from anywhere!!)

  2. Wow thanks for all the good info on Style Arc! And you sure answered my question then too! I should probably order by my high-bust measurement, like I do for the big 4, then do a FBA for the difference between the high-bust versus full-bust (that generally works). I'll probably just get 1 or 2 for my trial run! Thank you again! Yes customer service is so important in any business!

  3. Hi Beajay, I've been browsing through old Machine Knitting News magazines ( I have at least 6 years of them) and I was wondering what would be the best way to catalogue articles and patterns that interest me in OneNote ( no need to catalague everything)As it is now, I come across patterns and article on techniques and then forget where they are so I would like to be able to find them easily in OneNote. I'd be grateful of your expert advice.


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