Friday, 15 March 2013

Google is taking away READER - Not happy Jan!

Scrolling through my google reader this morning I came across a post from the Happy Homemaker informing me that Google is shutting down reader in July!!! What is it with Google - iGoogle is going in November, they recently updated Chrome so now I can't download videos through Real Player - they are really messing with my head....

I access reader through iGoogle gadget so I didn't get the warning notice that it is closing reader

JuliN from Happy Homemaker to the rescue - she posted a link to this site with other options. THANKS JuliN - hugs to you.

I suggest if you use Google Reader you change over ASAP as some of the previously free options are now charging due to rapid increase in users.

In other news - I haven't posted for over a month - I have been dealing with storm damage to the house - over the course of a couple weeks we had 2 broken windows (including one window frame), water affected carpet and sound system and then a third of the roof on the shed blew away.... I have had insurance people come out and then again and then again - workmen and then more workmen - the roof is still missing but at least the windows are semi fixed.

Add to that I have had computer problems - hasn't been a atmosphere conducive to sewing - hopefully on the weekend I will get to it.


  1. Thanks for the link I will check it out. Hope you have get your repairs sorted soon and get back to normal. Looking forward to seeing some sewing posts soon.

  2. I hope your insurer and repairers work fast for you and the family. That's time you could be enjoying sewing!

  3. Poor you! Blinking weather, it sucks when it gets intrusive. I hope you gt back to normal soon, thinking of you. I us the blogger reader in my blogger dashboard, and just keep links for the wordpress and typepad blogs I follow. Messy but I am not good at new things! :)

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your storm damage and hope your repairs go smoothly. I'm glad the LifeHacker link helps. Going back to using blogger dashboard is too cumbersome for me. I downloaded feedly last night but got a bit confused because it looks so different. *sigh*

  5. Ah that terrible news Beverley! Sounds like you've had quite a lot going on and sorry to hear about the damage to your house. One thing I have to admit is I'm glad you didn't mention your sewing machine/s or sewing area was affected... shame about your sewing time though :( At least you are OK :) Hope everything gets back to normal again for you soon xx

  6. Jeez Louise, BeeJay! Hope the house repairs are sorted ASAP! I use Pulse to read blogs from everywhere except Wordpress...

    1. which I read via WP have to pay to access Pulse and it has a limit of 60 blogs but this means I'm not toooooo bogged down with blog reading...I've tried Bloglovin but found the listings too small and I signed up to too many blogs (totally a user error!). I like Pulse because you see all recent posts as a glance.

  7. i tried several readers, and here is my report:

  8. I followed a review you did on a Jalie skirt over at PR and ended up on your fun sewing blog. I wanted to chime in and say I love!

  9. Oh my, I just saw the logo Marysews posted from bloglovin and I really do not like it! Makes me re-think.

  10. I'm a bit worried about the google reader news as well; I'm not sure how it will affect my blog :(
    I sure hope your house repairs go smoothly and you are back to a normal schedule, high and dry soon! A few years ago Perth had a terrifically violent hail storm and we had broken windows and lost two cars, one was fixed but one turned out to be permanently kaput. Since lots and lots of other households were affected too, repairs took forever. Crazy times!
    I'm thinking of you :)


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