Saturday, 30 March 2013

Aussie enabler alert

Spotlight have a sale on at the moment (until Tuesday 2nd) including

I went - but as usual couldn't find much I liked (just got some navy ponte) - and yet I see so many lovely things made by others from Spotties fabric.

Ended up going to Remnants Warehouse and buying there. After all - a girl has to buy fabric when she is on a mission.


  1. I used to live within walking distance of a Spotlight so it was the same principe as op shopping - lots of fruitless looking and then the occasional thing that's just what you want. That Spotlight moved a few suburbs away so daily temptation was taken out of my path ...
    Glad you found what you wanted anyway.

  2. Thanks for the heads up!
    Spotlight is so hit and miss for me, sometimes I'll have a run on the clearance table/sales and get so much good stuff and then like now, I haven't bought anything except quilting fabric from them in months. Still might have to go and have a look , just in case!!

  3. I just returned home from Spotlight, with nothing!!! The queue with only 2 young girls cutting turned me off...

  4. Wow this sounds like a dream. Fabric shops with sales on. Over here I have a quaint little sewing machine haberdashery shop.

  5. It all depends on your Spotlight. The one at Wetherill Park is much better than the one at Lidcombe for example.

    Sounds like Valerie lives near me as I have a similar story. Merrylands Spotlight was just down the road. I could pop in for a zip whenever. Then it moved to Lidcombe. Not happy Jan. Plus there's that annoying woman there. Ergh.

  6. I'm not going anywhere near it! They got me on the last big sale (30% off) and I still haven't made a thing with any of it. Oh, we're also in the process of moving house which means moving the existing stash ......... I really don't need any more to move.

  7. I know I need more interfacing and linings so I'll head across to Spotlight tomorrow. Thanks!


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