Thursday, 8 March 2012

Word Verification

A huge shout out THANK YOU to Sew-4-Fun for alerting me to the fact that you can have word verification on your blog and not know that it is turned on. I thought mine was turned off until I read sew-4-fun's post that you have to log out of google to test it.

So.... hopefully it is off now - please let me know if it turns back on. It is such a pain in the ....

On other news I have received the fabulous fit system and have spent some time padding up Babs to be my not sew evil twin. It is looking good - actually not really looking good - even more confronting than looking in the mirror! I still need to purchase a bit of wadding for the girls (sad that the girls were too big for the fabulous fit system!!) and will post a picture when finished.

I am looking forward to Bab's assistance in sewing many a garment!


  1. I'm also having a fit trying to turn off Word Verification on my blog.

  2. Thanks for this - I thought it was turned off on my blog too but it wasn't. Fingers crossed its turned off now!
    Please post pics up when you have finished the fabulous fit system - I've been thinking about getting it for my dress form for a while.
    Also - I got my first order turn up from - very fast! And while the uptown silk tweed is a bit thinnner than I thought it has a beautiful sheen to it, I can't wait to sew it!

  3. Hi Suzy - Gee - I am still waiting for my delivery - they have stuffed me up this time! Usually quick but is still showing as pending and I ordered on the 24th Feb!!

    Enjoy your fabrics and I will look forward to seeing what you make with them.

  4. Hi Joyce - I googled turn off word verification on blogger and got instructions. Try that.

  5. Thank you so much! Now I'm gonna go check mine too!


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