Thursday, 1 March 2012

To join OR to subscribe - that is the question - A Begging Plea

This is a short begging plea to all bloggers out there... it would be really great if you give options to join (and hence get updates from blogs in your blogger reader) or subscribe (and get your updates through email).

I have a love / hate relationship with email. I have 12 email addresses! That is because I run 2 businesses and on top of that one of the business is a sub-contracting business and they give me email addresses to communicate with their clients.

Most days I have an avalanche of emails from students emailing me assignments and evidence for recognition of skills and I don't want any more emails than I need - HOWEVER - I LOVE reading blogs with my morning cup of tea and find out what has been happening in the sewing world whilst I've slept. I have found some wonderful blogs recently that only allow you to subscribe via email and therefore I am missing out on all of their wonderful info.

Just a small favour - PLEASE put an option to JOIN on your site.

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  1. Hear hear to that! I much prefer pottering through my blogreader scroll and having a sneaky peek, than getting emails.
    I suspect that many bloggers don't realise how their settings impact readers. On a similar note, I detest the new word recognition security thing on some blogs (incuding this one :() where there are two, often quite long words, all twisted up. I often cannot read the words and it makes commenting frustrating when you have to try a few times. I took it off my blog as I can always delete unwanted responses, and I'd love it if more bloggers did. I feel it is a level of security too far...

  2. I agree, and will check the options on my blog later this evening. I found a really cool blog yesterday, and it only had a join button, where I would prefer an RSS feed. i guess that means I need to check for three ways to get my blog: email, reader, and join.

  3. I don't really know what you mean by joining or emailing. I just add blogs to my google does the rest!

  4. As the author of my blog, I had to add the "gadgets" which allow the reader to subscribe by RSS feed, join (with google friend connect), and follow by email. RSS feed puts blog posts into google reader. I'm not sure what "join" does. Follow by email sends blog posts to the reader's email.

  5. Hmm, I just hit the "Follow" link up in the top left corner and then update my blogroll with all followed blogs, so that they show in my blog roll, I don't get any emails.

    For some reason I never see new posts in there from you though BeaJay, wonder why it's not working?

  6. if you yourself want to subscribe using google reader, this is what to do:

    go to the blog of your choice. copy the www address at the top of your page (aren't i well-versed in techno-talk?). go to google reader.
    you will on the left-hand side a red box that says "subscribe'. left click and a drop box should appear. right click and paste the www address into the box. click 'add'. the blog name will appear under the red 'submit' box. if you already have blogs listed there, your new addition will appear at the bottom. each time a post is added to the blog, it will be added to the google reader. i do it all the time, including with yours.
    BUT, i don't know how you can get it to work for subscribers to your blog unless you tell them how to do it.


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