Monday, 29 September 2014

MIA and now hopping around the blogging world

MIA - Missing in Action - otherwise known as Miserably Inconvenient Arthritis and Meniscus Injured (and needs) Arthrosopy.

I have spent the Sydney winter hibernating and doing not much of anything let alone sewing. I don't know if this winter was particularly harsh (I know I know - compared to the rest of the planet Sydney has a very mild winter)... or if I am just getting older and more rusty but the cold really hit me hard this year. Sydney just doesn't cater for winter and I only have a small bar heater to warm me up.

Along with the usual suspects of hip, foot, shoulder and elbow, I have developed a searing pain in the right knee. So much so that even driving is difficult - let alone walking or pressing the foot on the sewing machine accelerator. An x-ray showed the usual arthritis in addition to my tibia and femur being out of alignment, shards of bone floating around and my kneecap not where it should be. An MRI then showed a severe tear in the meniscus - so - pain..

I am happily now on the hospital waiting list for a knee operation and carefully taking anti-inflammatory medication. Won't be a full knee reconstruction as I am still young - according to my surgeon - isn't he nice... but he will go in and fix up my issues. Just have to wait my turn.

So I haven't been sewing - cutting - or anywhere near the sewing room since July... Wow. No sewing meant no blogging.

I have tried to keep up with all of my blog reading and what you all have been up to and I have been reading about the around the world blog hopping and learning more about the bloggers I read. The lovely Michelle from Happily Caffienated  was a recent blog hopper (go on over and learn all about her) and she has very kindly nominated me to go on the next leg of the hop.. I thought it would be a good way to ease myself back into the blogging world.

The idea of the blog hop is to learn a little more about the bloggers you read - so there are questions to answer:

1. What am I working on?

So many different things my head is spinning.

Spring has hit me with a bang (hopefully not causing more injuries!!) and I am starting to really want to sew again - knee pain or no knee pain. I have also been trying not to purchase lovely fabrics. I did clean out my sewing space yesterday in preparation for a long sewing binge now that the weather is warming up.  

The last thing I was working on before my hibernation was a jacket that a friend is helping me with and a skirt block that I started in a class with the ASG. It will be great to get going on the jacket again. I am also hoping to pull out the skirt block and see what I can do with that. May end up with a business suit.

I also want to make another pair of StyleArc pants - this time the Linda pants in a lovely Crepe from Emma One Sock.

I also want to make the StyleArc Fiona Top. I actually purchased orange jersey so fingers crossed.

Another pattern on my list is the below Lekala top. I want to give another go to Lekala patterns - the first one is still waiting to be sewn up. I am hoping this one will suit me and the gathers won't add too much bulk but hide some bulges.! What do you think - flattering for a plus size or OMG what was she thinking??

After I play with these to get me into the flow of sewing again I really want to build a neutral wardrobe. I have been awed by Sharon at Petite and Sewing's wonderful wardrobe creation. She managed an amazing 377 outfits out of 24 pieces of clothing. My problems is that I have way too much colour and patterned items and not many neutrals. I need much more neutrals. 

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I don't think it really differs apart from size, skill level and what we want to sew. Certainly there are many other sewists out there in the blogisphere who are creating things similar to mine. There are also ones who are creating much more complex items and ones who are at the very beginning of this ride. I don't see my sewing as any different, I just see us creating what we want and / or need.

3. Why do I write/create what I do?

Why do I write? Stared out purely as a journal, a way of keeping track of what I have done. Now it is a way of connecting. I have always been a writer and have written 2 unpublished books and many many many learning resources, manuals, assessor guides etc. I have also just started writing and designing e-learning.

Why do I create what I do? The need to have good, colourful, modern and accessible clothes that 

a) fit better than I can buy
b) don't cost an arm and a leg - come on - I know more fabric means more cost but surely not $100 more!
c) That are not black or tent like

4. How does my writing/creating process work?

Wish I could say there was a method to my madness but there is more madness to my method. I LOVE LOVE LOVE planning but not so much the carrying out thereof. I find myself distracted with shiny pretty new things and a plan will go out the window the minute there is a new release of patterns or I see a pattern on a blog or PR that I just have to do or I fail in my endeavours to stop buying fabric and a new arrival passes the threshold of chez BeaJay.

As for my writing process. I just sit down and write. This is not what I tell my students to do when I teach writing but hey - do as I say and not as I do.

Now I would like to pass the baton..

There are many wonderful bloggers that I would like to learn about.. However I have decided to flout the rules and nominate only one person. I find that it can be difficult to locate people who haven't been nominated and want to participate after a while so I thought that nominating only one blogger leaves room for more. Well that is my logic anyway.

I am nominating the lovely Angela at Collected Yarns. I was inspired by her lovely grey and white chiffon summer dress and the trials she had with it. She persevered and the dress is gorgeous. Check it out.

It is so nice to come out of hibernation.


  1. First I hope your number comes up soon and that the surgery helps ease your pain and allows you to walk, drive and sew painfree. Second it really was nice to learn more about you!

  2. Good to see you blogging again. I hope the knee is healing well. The Lekala top pattern is nice and I think it will work on you.

  3. Welcome back my friend; I've missed you! I sure hope you are able to get some relief for your pain. I think the Lekala top will be flattering. It's very similar to Burda 7625 and that appeared to be well reviewed on PR.

  4. I am so glad you did come out of hibernation! I'm hoping your knee pain will soon be taken care of so that you can get back to sewing and other fun stuff. I enjoyed learning more about you and your creative processes. Thanks for the shout out -- I actually wore that troublesome dress today:)

  5. I am so sorry about your knee. Hope the surgery date comes soon, and will be praying for you.. Pray you are feeling better/sewing real soon.. Missed you..

  6. Also hoping the waiting list is short. And delighted to see you posting again.

    Lastly, I'm not fond of black either.

  7. Great to see you on the other side of Winter ~ Spring always cheers up the poor old body! It will be great to see you back sewing when you feel up to it, but in the meantime your sewing plans sound perfect for the coming hot months ... J

  8. Sorry to hear about your knee. Sounds very painful, hopefully the better weather will ease it up. I love the Lekalatop and think itmwill look great on you. x

  9. I've been wondering what has been going on with you - I very nearly sent an email this weekend to find out if you were okay. Sorry to hear you are in the wars - hopefully you'll be pushing that sewing pedal flat to the floor soon.

    I agree, Australia does not design buildings for winter - your house looks about the same vintage as ours - and I find the damp and cold come up through the floorboards, making life very cold and miserable.

  10. Glad to see you back, you have been missed. Winter in Perth is even milder than Sydney but I have felt the cold more this year. Must be old age :) Hope you will be feeling better soon and also hope you won't have to wait too long for your surgery.

  11. you poor soul, hope you dont have to wait too long for your knee op, Hope the warmer weather is kinder to you . Im a very silent blogger these days, hope to return. Have had a disastrous episode with a sewing machine repair (which is still not fixed properly) will hopefully finally get it sorted elsewhere and be back at the helm.

  12. Good to see you back. You have been missed. Sorry about the knee. I know first hand about that. I'll be interested to see your new garments as you get back into the sewing mix. For a long time I did colors and prints too and then found out I had lots of orphans. Now I'm trying to be more aware of doing some solids with the prints. Enjoy your spring and summer!

  13. Oh no! No wonder you've been quiet. Yes, that drapey top is absolutely fantastic. Make it sew! ;-) xo

    1. PS If the doc didn't already suggest it, do take your antiflamms with Losec or Omeprazole of some kind, it mightily mitigates the wear and tear on teh stomach caused by them xo

  14. Great to hear from you again Bev, I was just talking to Sandra about you today actually! Hope you get your op done soon, so you can start feeling as young as you obviously are

  15. Glad to hear that you are back - and sorry to hear about your injury - I can sympathise with you as I have a (small) meniscus tear as well :( Do you know how you did yours? I think mine happened when I took a heavy fall in Sydney last year (sadly no alcohol was involved!!!) I shall be following your treatment (if you chose to share) as I have my appointment with an orthopod next month.

    I also found it interesting to learn more about you . . . . and I hope you get some sewing in soon!

  16. Sorry about the pain - joints can really give us trouble....I know what you mean, but hang in there - so glad to see you back!!!! :)

  17. Oh, I do hope the pain(s) ease up soon. Pat pat hug. I enjoyed your post so much. I think the orange jersey Fiona will be delightful for you. The other - your call! I have a very full bust and have to stay away from similar gathers in that area, they make me look bigger up there! Which bugs me sometimes. I've been sitting on a pattern from BurdaStyle that has a knot at the bustline, I just love it and I just know it wouldn't work. Sigh. Feel better soon, hope you get to the top of that list quickly. You sound chipper, even though I imagine it is very hard to keep your spirits up at times. Pain is hard, and the limitations it brings can be so discouraging. Thinking of you. Coco

  18. I really wish you find improvement in surgery soon and return to share with us all your sewing projects. All my good energy to you, dear friend ... I appreciate you so much and love to follow your path of learning sewing.

  19. Oh Bev you are really in the wars hope your surgery date comes soon. Thank you for the shout out as well, now to stick to my plans!! Take care of yourself, sending hugs.

  20. I hope you get your surgery soon and start feeling more like your old self. Miss you in blog land.

  21. Its always good to see you! I was nodding like a Chihuahua hood ornament when you said why you create- its us against the retail cage they want to put us in.

  22. It was lovely to read about you and your ideas on sewing. I agree Sydney was cold this winter so I am so glad its warming up , although not today but I'm sure the warm weather will return. I hope your knee surgery happens soon I can certainly sympathise with you on knee pain. The warm weatheer is always a good tonic. Good luck and I look forward to seeing your creations. I think the Lekala top should look fabulous.

  23. Oh I'm so sorry you've been ill, and I sure hope your cover quickly. It was interesting to read more about your writing and sewing process. Keep on creating!


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