Tuesday, 20 May 2014

On the Road Again.....

Just in case you have been wondering where I have been....

This is the marking I have been bringing home from the Certificate III in Business that I have been teaching so no sewing has been happening at Chez BeaJay.

I did take a day off on Sunday to welcome the gorgeous Lynn from You Sew Girl to Sydney Australia and a bunch of us sewists went on a fabric tour of Cabramatta which is like a little Vietnam here in the land of OZ.

It was fantastic to meet Lynn - what a real treat to have a face to face with a blogger that I have followed for a long time - she is now a honorary Aussie.

Lynn was so kind as to bring gift from across the sea to us. Gifts that she had made herself!! I am so honoured and to think that they had traveled all this way in her luggage. A beautiful cup and some hand made buttons - you should have seen all of us bower-birds when the buttons were put on the table. The cup was a special gift and I also managed to snag myself some of the buttons.

Aren't they gorgeous? Lynn is a very talented potter.

Those with an eagle eye may have spotted some fabric in the background of the first picture. Well - you can't go to a suburb with so many fabric stores and not buy anything.

Silk burnout which will be a long light jacket

Linen to make a version of my TNT dress

A snakeskin knit to be made into a StyleArc Creative Cate top

Next weekend I am off to Stanwell Tops for a sewing weekend with some of my favourite people and I am like a kid waiting for Christmas. I have purchased new PJs and undies because I am GOING AWAY and there is something so nice about packing new never worn undies and PJs.............. so much to pack. I have made a list but am sure I will forget something! I am sure that I will have lots of pretties to bring to show and tell after.

Have a good one.


  1. I was wondering where you'd been when I hadn't seen you post in a while. Glad that all is well!

  2. Fun to see your new goodies! Can't wait til you toss that pile of paper and get back to your sewing! Have fun on your getaway. New undies always makes me feel decadent! LOL

  3. Those buttons knock me out of the park. Lynn from You Sew Girl is a real talented person.

  4. Lovely fabric finds and those buttons and mug from Lyn are very special! Sorry to have missed out on the fun and meeting Lynn last Sunday but looking forward to catching up on our weekend away :)

  5. I really enjoyed Sunday...thanks for organising it. Love love love that linen. Pity it's not my colours.

  6. Fabulous buttons! I hope you have a fantastic retreat with your sewing friends.

  7. I'm living proof it's possible to not buy - but the only temptations were over $60pm. That made it easier for me. Had a great day and thanks for herding us out there :)

  8. Sunday was great and thank you for organising and Lynn was so generous with her button gifts for us all. Also love that linen, it did tempt me but I kept away. Can't wait for our weekend, so looking forward to it!!

  9. BeaJay, with that pile of tedious marking you have there, no wonder you went for that really wild snakeskin - I'd almost be too frightened to wear it :).

    It sounds like you had a lovely weekend - we had a commitment over the weekend but I'm meeting Lynn on Saturday, which I am looking forward to.

    This sewing weekend will be fun - I noticed Sharon mentioning a sewing weekend on her blog, so I suspect this is the weekend she is referring to. What a treat after your last working bout.

  10. Oh those buttons!! Oh that linen!!!!

  11. I always thought I would outgrow the excitement of new pjs and underthings when going on a trip ... nope, it is still just as special! I absolutely love the linen fabric; look forward to seeing the finished dress. Have an awesome sewing weekend. xx

  12. I'm a little late posting! I had a great time with everyone at Cabramatta. Everyone was a hoot and I really enjoyed myself. I have to tell you that it took A LOT of restraint to not buy more fabric. I had to consider how heavy my bag was already and that I didn't have enough room in my smaller bag. The airline actually had the never to tag my bag as 'extra heavy.' Hmf. It was under 23kg so those handlers are WEAK! Bwahahah.

    Anyway, I had a blast and hope we get to do this again!!

    Always a fan,



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