Tuesday, 24 December 2013


Guess what!!!!??

I emailed StyleArc to let them know I was giving away a voucher on my blog to thank my readers.

This was their response:

Hi Beverley,
Wow! Thanks for your support - that's fantastic!

Here's what we'd like to do... We'll supply the gift voucher. You don't have to buy anything! We love what you've done!
All you need to do is send us the winner's name and we'll prepare the gift voucher. We'll email the gift voucher to you and you can forward it to your winner.

Btw... the voucher is really just a code that gets entered at the checkout. It lasts for one year. 

Told you their Customer Service was phenomenal.

So - after I picked myself up off the floor - I thought how great is that!!!

Well I still have the $25 I put aside for the voucher burning a hole in my pocket so ....... drum roll please .... there will be a second draw (or should I say random calculator pick). That way another commentator can experience StyleArc for themselves.

What a happy little Vegemite I am.

So - second drawing

Random number pulled up this for the post

That was this post

This was the post about the PR afternoon tea? Did you comment?

There were 25 comments on this post.

My new friend Random Generator bought up this number

Lucky number 13 is Leonie Picton. Leonie I will be in contact when I arrange the voucher.

Isn't it great that I was able to give away 2 vouchers from StyleArc,

I hope you enjoy the patterns as much as I do.


  1. You and Style Arc are so generous!

  2. That's really nice of both you and Style Arc! Happy Christmas, thanks for a great year's blogging! I've really enjoyed reading your posts.

  3. Nice work Beverley. Your positive attitude has come up trumps again.

    Your makes have been great to see develop into a stylish wardrobe.

    Enjoy the Christmas break. See you in the New Year!

  4. Happy Christmas Beverley! Great give-away and so generous of you both. I'm a StyleArc fan too, their patterns and service are both fantastic, and what a lovely way to celebrate. The Ziggy jacket is on my sewing table at the moment and the drafting is superb. All the very best :)

  5. ... and I meant to add (but somehow hit enter and the comment above was published)... that I've loved the StyleArc things you've sewn and look forward to your StyleArc SWAP in 2014.

  6. Hi Beverley - what a lovely way of embracing this situation - and being so generous as well. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year :)

  7. That's so sweet of you! I hope you have a fab Christmas too! xo

  8. Yay for Leonie! If it wasn't for your Style Arc makes I probably wouldn't have tried them out but now the Marni is my favorite jacket

  9. Stylish response from Style Arc & a very classy one from you.

  10. How sweet of both of you!

  11. What a lovely surprise!!!!! I've been so busy with Christmas and family I haven't been checking my blog feed. I subscribe to the Style Arc emails and regularly visit their website, but have not yet taken the plunge. This such a lovely and generous thing to do BeaJay, and great that Style Arc came on board too. I'm looking forward to adding a pattern or two to my stash, and maybe slotting a SA design into my SWAP ;) Thank you very much!!

  12. I love your thought process with this giveaway and a great response from StyleArc too!

  13. Wow, that is fantastic! Merry Christmas Beverley and I'm looking forward to seeing your new StyleARC makes in the new year! Enjoy your holiday.


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