Saturday, 27 April 2013

The Overlocker - not just a pretty face!

I attended THE. MOST. AMAZING.  WORKSHOP. EVER at my local sewing guild!! The Overlocker (aka serger) workshop.

It was FABO...

I did have a wonderful video of me doing the happy dance taken by the fabulous Velosewer in her directorial debut - but I can't get it to work when uploaded - works fine on my PC and phone but - alas - doesn't seem to want to go into the bloggershere.

The workshop covered the basics of tension which is a need to know but not overly exciting... sort of like learning how to sew a straight line on a regular machine - functional and absolutely necessary to go forward - but doesn't make the heart flutter!

We then learnt how to do outer and inner corners neatly - yeah - fantastic - absolutely need to know - great info and techniques.. Believe me - this is something I have struggled with.

How good is that (sorry Velosewer - didn't mean to steal your tag) inner serged corner??? Even if I do say so myself!! Okay - I may have come off the edge a bit and the lower looper thread is showing too much - but hey - you should have seen my attempts before!

We learnt how to gather without using a special foot and to do a really nice neat rolled hem. Love the stitching on that.

I was frilled with the outcome

Close up of rolled hem

Then came the sewing with "decorative" thread. WOW WOW WOW.

How gorgeous is this.

Pretty - three thread overlocked
Rolled hem

We learnt to make decorative cord. Learnt great techniques such as using soluble vilene so that the stitches don't "jump" when making cord.

Cord without stabilisation 

Creating cord using wash away stabiliser 
AND - how to do a lacy edge

So much to take in - so little time. Having a brain spin at the moment - oh so giddy!

All in all - most pleased with self!!

Big thanks to Larraine Jenkins who taught this workshop. She is a great teacher and had wonderful typed up notes for us too!

Can't wait to start using these techniques.

Velosewer  has instructions for some of these techniques on her site.


  1. You've stolen the blog post right out of my mouth - my husband just wasn't that interested or excited by my raving about overlockers when I got home! I can't believe how much you can actually do with an overlocker, the workshop was fantastic

  2. Hi Beajay, must have been a great workshop and a lovely way to meet other bloggers as well. But, I AM NOT JEALOUS!!! (only a little bit). Glad you had a good day.

  3. These look really good. I'm hopeless with my overlocker.

  4. you're going down the slippery slide of decorative thread collecting! It's very addictive. Glad you enjoyed the workshop.

  5. it's so good when you have someone to teach you, I had a serger for years, think I used it maybe twice lol! never could figure it out so I gave it away, now that I'm in this challenge I'm thinking I may need one & learn how to use it lol!

  6. Indeed these do look very nice. I'll have to try some of these myself. I'm glad you enjoyed the workshop. =)

  7. Really love the idea of cord using the soluble stabilizer! With so much embroidery thread here that idea could be really helpful.

  8. I'm so jealous! What an amazing class,and all you awesome ladies to boot!

  9. I'm jealous too! I need to learn the cord making and lacy edge.

  10. That does sound like a great workshop. I have never tried some of these things. Thank you for sharing!

  11. I've never before been jealous of those who own overlockers, but now... looks like we can expect some more beautiful seams on your blog!

  12. Wow you did some amazing stuff and I was in the next room, oh well. So glad you had a great time and now you can teach me that wonderful lace hem hehe!!

  13. Sounds like a great workshop and you learned lots of great new tips you can use with your overlocker! Really loved the inside corner technique and read Velosewer's blog post which was really helpful. Thanks heaps for sharing and I'm sure you'll going to put everything you learned to good use :)

  14. Beajay How did you manage to overlock into a corner, Im intreged. Post please.

  15. It was fantastic wasn't it. I can't believe that I've had my overlocker for two years and never learned how to turn a corner or go around a circle correctly.

  16. What a great course to attend - and you have learnt some amazing techniques. Looking forward to you showcasing some of these techniques in your next few garments...J

  17. It sounds like you had great fun at the workshop! I'm sure you will love incorporating the overlocker techniques you learned into your sewing. Also, I nominated you for a versatile blogger award. Happy sewing BeaJay!


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