Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Make a Garment a Month Challenge - March Plans!!!

Sarah Liz has posted the March theme for Make a Garment a Month (MAGAM) challenge. I had to laugh out loud when I read it. It is me all over. Could have been written just for little old me.

"So as sewers, maybe we should steal a march and declare our own spring sewing war - you know, the one we all have every year, and never quite win - garments planned and not quite sewn."
Guilty guilty guilty. Go directly to jail and do not pick up $200 for more fabric.

I have made plan after plan after plan - all beautifully laid out in PowerPoint with few completions (although I am doing well with my current SWAP plan for Artisans Square).

As a matter of fact, my failure to complete plans made me say that I won't post any plans for MAGAM but do what my sewjo mojo tells me to at the time. In honour of this month's theme, I am actually going to post plans!!!! But I am going to post a few and then decide in March (I will probably end up doing something completely different and therefore defeat the theme!!!!!!!)

My  MAGAM has been hit and miss. I missed October, got in November and December. I did make something for January (the StyleArc Island Ali top but it had issues that are now fixed but didn't get fixed by end of Jan), and of course I have done February.

Now do I tie in my March plans with my Artisan's Square SWAP? Jalie top with a lovely ruffled knit. It is planned and not yet sewn.

Or do I tie it in with Pattern Review New Pattern to Me competition? Hot Patterns Manta Ray Skirt and top in an aubergine (image doesn't show correct colour) stretch crepe. This has been planed to be sewn for some time now - however not written down

Do I do another top on my SWAP plan that first appeared in a Plan in 2012

Or do I do something non competition related and as yet unplanned - although I have been thinking about it for some time? Fill my wardrobe gaps with neutral non patterned tops?

Or do I do something completely different? Decisions decisions!

What should I do?

And what about you? Are you planning for March?


  1. I'm in the last camp. I've SWAP'd and planned and SWAP'd some more. I'm tired and just want to sew whatever excites me at the moment. There are things that I want to make and I'll tick them off the list as they're done. I am also allowing myself the chance to skip items on or completely toss the list. Do what moves you. =)

  2. Make the Jalie top with a lovely ruffled knit, make the Jalie top with a lovely ruffled knit, make the Jalie top with a lovely ruffled knit . . . . the fabric is just soooo gorgeous!! Having said that, I'm with 'L' - do what moves you!

    I'm not sure what I will be making next - maybe a 'Coco' dress or a woven, semi-fitted jacket. Or not - who knows!!!!

  3. This made me laugh. Always I have the exciting plans and then lose them somewhere in my "I'd rather dos..." But I would still like to work on my SWAP despite the fact hubby has now decided custom shirts are the way to go. Hmmm... one for him, six for me, one for him...:P}}
    Decide on what makes your heart sing!

  4. Love the ruffle fabric [jalie top] Oh...this is going to be so pretty..
    I think, sew and make what ever makes you happy that day.ha. I post plans for the month..Sometimes , it happens
    and sometimes, I see another pattern, and it all changes.. The fun part is...Its ok to change your plans..Have fun.

  5. I've just worked out why I couldn't comment on your blog..dratted new computer!

    Anyway...love that violet, copper & teal plan. Love that caftan from the previous post. The colour is just gorgeous. Love your hair as well even if it *is* fake. I need some of that. :)

    You need to work out if you need the basic neutrals more than the pretty plan. Then sew! Easy. ;)

  6. I never plan - I find that I sew anything but what is on my list so it's much better to go with the sewing mojo I think!

  7. I'm a great planner-in-the-mind, but a shocker at ever bring it into reality! But, that's half the fun of living ... J

  8. thats a toughie . THey all look great . perhaps a vote here to get things moving like Sarah Liz did. I read about a garment a month challenge and thought I could do two garments a month. However this year I have only scraped in sewing two things and one was a simple T for my husband ! sorry to hear you have been under the weather and hope things are improving .

  9. sew them all! we can never have enough tops lol! March is going to be very mild for me , just just one challenge (Miss Bossy) & simple pull over pj's for MAGAM at least that's what I'm saying for now lol!


  10. This is a difficult decision. I do not plan anything lately. I prefer to think about the next project when I'm finishing the one that is on my sewing table. Easier that way .....

  11. I just wanted you to know that I recently stumbled upon your blog last night and I thoroughly enjoy your posts and your garments. I am a craft addict and have been thinking of starting my own blog. I really enjoyed sewing clothes for my kids but since they are older I was always afraid to make adult garments with fear of them looking homemade. I would wear a lot of the outfits that you have made. Could you suggest a pattern that you use for a comfortable top. Almost like a tee shirt. Maybe I will start small until I boost my confidence. Right now I'm currently battling my quilting and scrapbooking obsession. Keep up the great work. I look forward to reading more posts.

    1. Thanks for your comments Lisa. If you do start a blog please drop by here again and let me know. My favourite (and very easy) top to sew is StyleArc (Australian Company) Creative Cate top.


      I do extend down the sleeves a little to cover my arms. Pictures of sleeve extension here.


      If StyleArc is out of your reach then a similar top is a McCalls pattern


  12. When I did a swap plan, I thought I would never finish it, but a couple years later I did sew the last garment, and that felt good! They are really a nice way to motivate, and if you take the time to plan it, and would still love having those garments, why not finish it? :) Love your choices too!

  13. Haha! well all your plans look great! but obviously just make whatever you want, it's no fun to make rules for yourself if they end up making you feel guilty or unhappy! Sometimes I think we seamsters are too hard on ourselves :) I say go with whichever project excites you the most; first.

  14. I missed this post BeaJay. Great post, and I suspect most of us are just a little like you at heart. Certainly there are more plans in my mind then ever could happen in real life. That's how my stash grows :). I believe in flexible plans - some idea of what suits you, and some idea that you have a pattern somewhere, and fabric stashed - and then allow the flow. I have to structure myself a bit, or I would just lose myself in a world of wonderful possibilities.

  15. So many nice things in the works! I totally think more planning in the mind adds to the fun of sewing anything, and it also helps organize the plans. I do a lot of pre-thinking - sometimes weeks and months.....HAhahhaa.....I love your blog.


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