Monday, 13 January 2014

Sewing day and PPP

Thank you for all of your kind words on my Franki Dress and Island Ali Top.

Franki will remain a dress but is relegated to weekends as it is too short for me to feel comfortable with clients.

Well the Tess Girls (Velosewer, Dilliander, Sharon, Kristy, Wendy, Margaret and I) got together again for another day of sewing and talking at Sew Inn at Tessuti's in Surry Hills.

How wonderful to sew surrounded by lovely women and gorgeous fabric.

The incredible Maria (Velosewer) spent some time drafting a pattern and chatting to the wonderful Colette, one of the owners of Tessuti, who never fails to make us feel so welcome as if we were part of the Tessuti family. It really is a joy going there.

Maria then helped me with the fitting of the Busting Butterick jacket that I have been spasmodically working on. Maria is working on fit a lot. We moved darts and took it in somewhat and the fit is much better. Thanks Maria. (side on is not my best profile!!).

If you look carefully between Maria and I you will see a bolt of fabric that both Kristy and I were eyeing off and yes - we both went home with some. (only one day after I pledged to TRY not to purchase fabric - but it was staring at me all day!!!)

I wore my new outfit and found a couple of things...

Island Ali top - way too high neckline and kept choking me. Sharon said that I may need a forward shoulder adjustment as well.

The lovely Lara from Thornberry alerted me to the fact that I have left out some side panels which would give me an extra 8 inches in width DOH DER DOH... now wonder it was tight, pulling and the flanges or sleeves don't look right. I will be spending quality time with my unpicker today......

Barb pants - well - they do need elastic after all. But still very happy with them.

To other news...

There is less than a week for the Plus Sized Pattern Pyramid draw on my blog. Can you help to spread the word? People who enter must be prepared to pay for postage to send it on.

So far the votes are saying that it is wanted, needed and to keep it going. This is very pleasing . Let's help spread the word,


  1. Perhaps putting in those other side panels will also help with the neckline issue? I hope so.

  2. Looks like you girls had lots of sewing fun.. And of course , you had to buy that fabric....after it kept looking at
    Sorry about the unpicking but it will be beautiful ,when you finish..Happy sewing.

  3. Hi i would love to do the plus size pyramid. I have only just started to blog, i have done 2 posts so i'm a real beginner. My blog is called Sew and sew by the Sea Sea. I live in Sydney so i'm going to try and get to the Tessuti sew in one day. Tessuti is my favourite place. I think you did really well to just get one piece of fabric. I go in for buttons and wind up with meters of beautiful fabric but i am an addict. I'm not sure where to put my vote for the Plus size pyramid. Thanks i really enjoy your blog.

  4. Colette really goes out of her way to make us feel welcome.
    Getting a Bev-jacket drafted and made is an ongoing pleasure.
    I didn't sew a stitch but really enjoyed working with you and talking 'shop'.
    Nice fabric choice you two.

  5. Looks a great day out with sewing buddies!

  6. Another wonderful day spent with my sewing buddies at a fantastic location and Colette does make us feel so welcome.

  7. I'm so jealous that you guys all get together at a wonderful fabric store! So glad a wonderful time was had by all!

  8. This looks like a bunch of fun! It's nice to get together with sewing friends. g

  9. I am so envious of you guys being able to meet up and sew together. It is rather a lonely hobby for me. I don't know a single person who sews other than people I have met online.

  10. It was a great day. I ended up buying the rest of that roll of fabric, more than I intended but then again I never said I was on a fabric diet this year!

  11. What a wonderful way to spend the day... oh if only I live closer I'd be joining you all in a heartbeat... that's if I had an invite LOL. I don't blame you for going home with some of that fabric I probably would have too along with a few more pieces as I wouldn't have been able to control myself :)

  12. Looks like another great sewing day with friends, one day and a broken pledge that good going Beverley!, great fabric no wonder you succombed.

  13. I would have been fighting for the fabric, too!

  14. I think there are a few of us who wished we lived closer BeaJay - it would be so lovely to meet up with you all and have a great day at Tessuti's. One day I will. It's lovely that you have these lovely afternoons together sharing sewing ideas and skills.

  15. I am so envious of the meet-up your group had. Spending time sewing with friends is a great way to spend the day. Thanks for letting us look-in.

  16. Oh, what a fun day out! I would so love to join you girls for a fabulous day of sewing; just wonderful. One day….. :) I like the fabric you got; very well worth breaking the pledge for imo ;)


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